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In My Opinion

David Chesney


January 31, 2024

IN MY OPINION will not be a regular weekly column, but it will appear fairly often as the actions of White Rock council unfold.

I will note first and foremost the reason the column is called IN MY OPINION is that it is exactly that. I do not in any way shape or form intend anyone to think the thoughts that will be expressed here are of the current council. The other reason for it being called IN MY OPINION is for anyone in any way shape or form think I am violating the conduct of conduct this council was saddled with. And I do mean saddled. Over 30 pages of you will do this and you will not do that was not supported by me when the vote was taken. This document was crafted by God knows who because from my research it was not crafted by ALL the members of council, and perhaps there was no input from any members of council.


Corporate report dated January 29, 2024 from the Director of Planning and Development Services titled "Update on Recent Provincial Housing Initiatives and Regulation Requirements".


    THAT Council receive the Corporate report, titled “Update on Recent Provincial Housing Initiatives and Regulation Requirements,” dated January 29, 2024, from the Director of Planning and Development, for information.

    This item is a report only at this point. I do not in any way shape or from support proceeding with implementing the Provincial housing guidelines to our community. As I have previously mentioned and staff has now supported, the current Provincial guidelines DO NOT APPLY to White Rock.

    The Transit-Oriented Development Areas Designate by the regulation (in effect) designates 16 Lower Mainland communities that are currently listed as Development Areas. White Rock is not on that public list.


Corporate report dated January 29, 2024 from the Director of Engineering and Municipal Operations titled "Temporary Office and Council Chamber Options".


    THAT Council:

    1. Approve Option A “Relocate Council Chambers to Annex and Construct Offices in Vacated Space”; and

    2. Authorize staff to proceed with the renovations once the Financial Plan is approved.


      The expenditure to move and create a new council chamber is unnecessary in my opinion. If the city is in need of office space, the temporary office space should be created in the Annex building where the very expensive proposal to relocate the council chambers is being proposed. The cost to move and create a new council chamber and craft a few offices in the old council chambers will cost the taxpayers of White Rock a half million dollars. Yes you read that right. $500.000.00 dollars. But no money for a mural which would cost $30,000.00 dollars. (see below)




THAT Council:

  • decline the mural proposal from artist, Jim Davidson; and,

  • direct staff to communicate to Mr. Davidson the appropriate procedures for future mural proposals, in accordance with the Public Art Policy.

    I believe the decision to decline Mr. Davidson's mural proposal is very short sighted. As the city prepares to commemorate our original wall mural THE WYLAND WHALE WALL in uptown White Rock this would be a perfect tie in to the planned celebration. Mr. Davidson laid out a clear plan for monetizing the mural, the media coverage he had already secured, the first nations support and tie in and the environmental of all monies raised through posters during the mural's creation being dedicated to the Semiahmoo Fish & game organization.


There is a nucleus of council (4 votes) that for the most part will shape the future of White Rock for the next three years left in this four year term.

Do you wonder what their vision is? So do I, but we will just have to sit back and patiently for them to put their cards on the table.

If you don;t like highrise towers I think you are going to be in for a shock as I know for a fact none of the cabal of council knocked on doors and said "Hey vote for me I want to do what I THINK is best for White Rock.


Davdi Chesney





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