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Today's Weather Forecast - A mix of sun and clouds.

Fingers crossed for clear skies tonight





Weekend Update

The weekends are starting to heat up after the Christmas/New Years doldrums.

The annual motorcycle show in Abbotsford and so much more!

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Sunday Funnies


(click here for a collection of signs of the time and the trivia list)

PLUS - Trivia if your grew up in the 50's and 60's let's see how close you were paying attention.

19. There was a song that came out in the 60's that was "a grave yard smash". It's name was the ______ ______! 




Local News

January 20, 2019

Sunday Service @ Beach Beer

A reminder that we have live music in the tasting room / lounge on Sunday. Come on in and groove to the cool sounds of The Kasuals - they've played in our place before, and had the joint jumping.
If you are wondering about the NFL games, they'll be on the tube; put it all together with our tasty beers, and you've got yourself a heck of an afternoon.
Looking forward to seeing you on today.



Member of the month for January! Say hi to Rona

In two short years Rona has quickly made her way to Deputy Station Leader. She can be found participating in activities such as SAREx as well as countless community events. She is also an active member of the Semiahmoo Peninsula Marine Rescue Society, a supporting group to our station at Crescent Beach.


SkyTrain Fleet Expansion

With funding approved for the 10-Year Vision for Metro Vancouver transportation, we'll be adding more than 200 Expo and Millennium Line SkyTrain cars to our fleet. When these cars go into service they will make up about half of the cars in the SkyTrain fleet. In response to requests from customers to provide more seating choices and improved spaces for people using mobility devices, strollers, and bicycles, we're considering improvements to our vehicle interiors.

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FREE self-driving shuttle Surrey next month

It may have seemed like a distant-reality not long ago, but an autonomous shuttle service will transport passengers around Metro Vancouver this February.

Powered by electricity, the self-driving vehicle is marketed as the ‘future of transportation,’ and is the first Electric Autonomous Shuttle Experience open to the public in Canada.

ELA – short for ELectronic Automation – is manufactured by EasyMile, a leading autonomous manufacturer that has deployed driverless shuttles in over 20 countries across Asia-Pacific, the Middle-East, North America, and Europe. The shuttles use a combination of sensors, video cameras, and computers to understand their surroundings

The shuttles maintain their battery power for up to 14 hours, and hold speeds of up to 40 km per hour. With that being said, the maximum speed for a demonstration ride is 12 km per hour. Further, each shuttle holds a maximum of 12 people per ride.

The shuttle will be separated from traffic to ensure public safety, and a trained operator will be on board.

The Surrey demonstration takes roughly five minutes to complete, while the Vancouver demonstration takes about fifteen.

When: February 1 to 4, 6, 9 to 10, and 13-17 from 10 am to 4 pm
Where: Surrey Civic Plaza at 13450 104 Ave


January 19, 2018

How High Is High?

White Rock's newly elected council upon being elected made a review of the OFFICIAL COMMUNITY PLAN priority. When the question was posed to staff were there any projects in the system that would be impacted by such a review, the two towers below Thrift avenue on Johnston Road were identified as being in limbo.

OCP meeting / Pattie Petrala photo

Staff explained to council they had the legal right to put both projects on hold until the new OCP was completed. The one caveat was though, if either project got their building application in within 7 days of calling for the OCP review, they would be granted a building permit to accompany their development permit application. The project on the old DEALS WORLD site was able to meet the deadline. The Lady Alexandra at the corner of Johnston and Roper avenue did not meet the time-line putting their project in limbo until after the OCP review is completed.

Wednesday the city hosted an OPEN HOUSE for residents as one of the first stages of the review. A number in attendance thought the posting above from the city showed a somewhat bias to developers.

Page 6 of the published agenda for the next "Special Meeting" called for Jan 21st regarding the lower town center.

Current Official Community Plan  
Chapter 8 (Land Use) of the current OCP includes a description of a variety of land use designations, including the Lower Town Centre, which is described as follows: “The Lower Town Centre has a village-like character, and provides a physical and visual connection to the waterfront. While it is comprised of a diverse mix of uses, it is smaller in scale than the Town Centre.” The objectives of the Lower Town Centre land use designation are: “To enable a mix of multi-unit residential and commercial uses, to strengthen the heart of the city and relationship to the waterfront while maintaining a village character. To reinforce the low-rise, pedestrian-scale of 
the area while providing for modest residential in
to support local businesses and public transit.”

Stay tuned.


No Jail Time For Cop in Surrey Six Murder Case

Former RCMP officer Derek Brassington

Former investigator in 'Surrey six' murders gets conditional sentence.

A former Mountie who pleaded guilty to charges linked to the Surrey Six investigation will serve a conditional sentence in the community for two years less one day. Derek Brassington pleaded guilty to trying to obstruct justice and breach of trust.

Brassington's pleas to breach of trust in connection with the investigation into B.C.'s biggest gangland slaying, including an allegation he had an affair with a potential witness, brings to an end one chapter in a case that stretches back nearly eight years.

The murders took place 11 years ago, and BRASSINGTON is only now been dealt with in the courts. Br

In May 2013, then-Sgt. Brassington voluntarily resigned from the force after being charged with theft under $5,000, an offence not related to the Surrey Six case. 


January 16, 2019

l-r Band leader Harley Chappell/New council member Jennine Cook/Councillor Joanne Charles

In a private ceremony held on Semiahmoo First Nations land the newly elected council for our neighbours partook in a very touching inauguration ceremony. White Rock council and local MP Gordie Hogg along with a handful of community members were invited to witness the special ceremony.

Jennine Cook will replace Roxanne Charles for the next two year term.


January 15, 201

Sunshine Makes Everything Great

Adrian MacNair photo

People continue to wonder what the city of White Rock can do to help the businesses on the waterfront.

Simple solution appears to be, the sunshine. The patios of all the restaurants were packed, traffic was bumper to bumper on Marine Drive and it was shoulder to shoulder on the parts of the promenade that are open.

John B Vye photo


Corry Kriticos photo

Meanwhile out on the water, salvage crews were busy removing one of the sailboats that broke loose in the storm and smashed the pier, was slowly being removed yesterday.

Valerie Berg photo

Crews were also busy Sunday removing one of the storm sailboats from the shore near our famed white rock.


Congratulations Semi

Congratulations today the girls basketball team from Semiahmoo High. Semi defeated Lord Tweedsmuir in the finals Saturday night at the Surrey Fire Fighters girls classic basketball tournament. Game was played @ Lord Tweedsmuir. Good going ladies!


January 11, 2019

White Rock's new council aims to preserve its character, even with towers on the way

While many municipalities voted to slow growth, the seaside community was quickest to make bold moves

(read last night's CBC feature story on our City By The Sea)


Grandview Corners Police Incident

Surrey RCMP Frontline officers arrested two men, and seized drugs and property as a result of a fraud complaint in South Surrey.

At approximately 8:30 am on January 6, 2019, officers attended a business in the 2300 block of 160th Street in Surrey. The business was reporting that a man was attempting to use a credit card which did not bear his name.

Upon arrival investigator’s located the suspect, a male in his 30s from Langley, seated in the passenger seat of a vehicle parked outside and arrested him for breaching his court ordered conditions.

During a search of the man, officers found him in possession of drug paraphernalia. Officers also located drug paraphernalia and suspected illegal drugs in the vehicle.

A short time later a second man, in his 40s from Surrey, returned to the vehicle and was arrested for possession of a controlled substance for the purpose of trafficking.

The investigation included a further search of the vehicle and as a result, police located and seized several items including a black tactical vest with a “Police” patch and a bag of suspected methamphetamine which estimated to be 548 doses.

“Particularly on the frontline of policing, there are no routine calls,” says Inspector Kevin Beson, Surrey RCMP ‘C’ Watch Duty Officer. “Our officers encounter challenges and situations on a regular basis, that present an opportunity to make the city a safer place, like in this instance where the officers were able to remove potentially illicit drugs from the street.”

The man who is alleged to have breached his conditions was held in custody, the second man was released as the investigation continues.


January 10, 2019

Logging Out

Crews were busy removing some of the logs that crashed into the shoreline in White Rock in the December storm which destroyed our pier.

The city is hopeful they will have a full engineering report on the state of the pier in the next two weeks. From there the cost and time frame for repair will be finalized.



Pizza Waffles

You know you want to find out about this recipe.

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Yell It Like It Is

White Rock On The Rocks?

What defines White Rock for you. If you were trying to describe our "City by the Sea" how would you do it?


The White Rock council (which I am proudly a member of) barely sat down when a rogue storm caught the city by surprise and destroyed our iconic pier. The pier along with the promenade along the seashore has been drawing visitors to our fair city for year. The devastation caused by the storm coupled with work on the rail lines to install lights and whistles at the level crossings has torn the jewel from our crown.

Before any of this happened council was already in motion to address the dieing waterfront. Not an easy task by any standards. For years various councils and city staff have pondered what needs to be done to revitalize our waterfront. Years ago the city created the Business Improvement Association through a levy on the commercial property owners. Their budget to "IMPROVE" businesses in White Rock now tops out at roughly speaking $330,000.00. The BIA proudly touts the CONCERTS AT THE PIER as one of their major missions to improve tourism to our fair city. The concerts sponsored in part by the TD bank and booked, staged and managed by Rob Warwick of ROCKITBOY ENTERTAINMENT and Kelly Breaks of BLUE FROG STUDIOS have proven to be so popular with our community, the BIA is now advertising for a full time Entertainment Director.

Today a posting on FACEBOOK posed the very question of "What would it take to get you to the waterfront of White Rock?" Here is a sampling of the replies.

I would like to hear your ideas and thoughts on why our beach front is on the rocks 8 months a year. Even after the recent storm and extensive damage to the beach, when the sun came out the sidewalks were packed, the restaurants were hopping and traffic was bumper to bumper from one end of town.

David Chesney

email -

Here is a random sampling of some of the comments posted on FACEBOOK

1. I'd like to see a good restaurant with healthy choices. I don't know about the rest of you, but when you get older your health matters a lot more and greasy foods just don't appeal. I would like to see many of the premises cleaned up (meaning clean inside). Wider sidewalks for walking. Cannabis store / Craft beer / clothing / shoe stores with unique items / a shop displaying Artisan jewelery / grocery store of some sort / a good bakery with fancy stuff - like Granville Island. I do love the singing ice cream guy, but he's not there very much. I've purchased hats and earrings from the Museum because they were unique. I love La Conner, Steveston, Fort Langley, even the shops in Downtown Langley...I'm always shopping there when I could be shopping here. PS - pay parking is not an issue, more of an inconvenience, but it's not downtown Vancouver.

2. Until the rent structure changes in that area everything will stay the same. Having a 4 month window to make your income but with a 12 month high rent doesn't make any business sense for any business. This doesn't even tackle all the issues yet just rent. So much to do but we have to start somewhere.

3. Popular California beach towns have teen/adult equipment such as volleyball nets, basketball courts slack lines, gym rings, etc - let’s give the youth and young adults a fun/positive place to hang out!

4. For me personally, I would love to see more of a main st/commercial dr vibe. More unique retail shops that aren't "touristy" like what it is now. There are some decent restaurants but the shopping just doesn't do it for me. Also I feel like the majority of the strip needs an updated look.

5. I don't have a dog now, but when I did we only went to the beach part of east beach because we weren't allowed to stroll the promenade or walk the strip. I hear there is talk of this changing in the off season and I really hope it does. I know the concerns are people not cleaning up after their dogs, but there is concern for this everywhere. Fine people who aren't cleaning up. I think of places like Cannon Beach that are dog friendly and people are free to tie their pets up outside the shops while they browse and I think it would be beneficial to a lot of residents. Although Marine drive is primarily focused on tourists in the summer, I think the focus needs to be shifted to locals and residents all year through. The kind of shops I'd like to see there are coffee shops, local artists. If they decide to allow pets, a pet store that sells dog treats, etc. places like handpicked home that would draw you in to browse. I also think there would be a huge benefit to having a replacement to Sandpiper somewhere in White Rock/ South Surrey. There is almost no night life for 30


Video of the Day

Hiking The Continental Divide Trail

It takes months to hike the Continental Divide Trail but thanks to this cool video you can do it in the comfort of your own home in four minutes. The trail is 3,100 miles long and connects Mexico to Canada by crossing through New Mexico, Colorado, Wyoming, Idaho, and Montana. This hiker filmed one-second video clips of his journey and stitched them together for us to see the hike. 

Chesney's Chestnut


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