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David Chesney

July 19, 2024


I would like to get some things off my chest today.

I love White Rock, it has been my home for nearly 40 years, prior to that I grew up in the Guildford area, though it was not called that back in those days.  Due to Surrey’s size when asked where we lived we simply said North Surrey.

Back to White Rock.  As most of you that are reading this know I am a third term city councillor in this City by the Sea..

Have you noticed the increase in homeless that have like us, decided it would be great to live in White Rock.  Council for the past three years have elected to fund a “warming centre” which has been located in Centennial Park.  I did not support the warming centre, not out of meanness, but simply because there seemed to be no thought put towards what happens when the warming centre closes @ 10 p.m.?    The centre closes and when possible if it is really cold the operators of the warming centre attempt to relocate the individuals from the centre to overnight cold weather shelters in Surrey.  The problem is those overnight cold weather shelters are only open a fraction of the time the warming centre operates.  This means @ 10 o'clock each evening the visitors to the warming centre are turned out on our streets with nowhere to go until 7 a.m. when the warming centre opens again.  In the first year Surrey shared the price tag of $350,000.00 with White Rock.  The past two years we have gone it alone.  This picture is of a person who has decided he will take the homeless situation to the front door of city hall.

Meanwhile: July 18, 2024

Surrey Homelessness and Housing Society Invites Grant Proposals for Projects to Address Homelessness

Up to $500K in Grants Available

Surrey, BC – The Surrey Homelessness and Housing Society (SHHS) has issued its 2024 Grant Call for Submissions from charitable and non-profit organizations seeking funding support for projects and initiatives to help address homelessness and housing insecurity in Surrey. This year, up to $500,000 in grants is available. Submissions are accepted now through 5 p.m. PDT on August 30, with the grant allocation announcement taking place in September 2024.


I am still having a hard time imagining someone driving into White Rock along Marine Drive and saying "I know what this town needs...another ice cream shop"

Yet another ice cream shop opened just last week across from the museum.

Perhaps we should look at the possibility of council limiting types of retail outlets.

If we cut the number in half it would be far more profitable for the remaining outlets.


Bring Back The Sandcastle Competition

The above photo is of the winner of this year's PARKSVILLE SAND SCULPTING FESTIVAL. Our very own Sandcastle competition inspired Parksville in 1982 who wanted a summer time event to draw tourists. The White Rock Sandcastle competition ran from 1979-1987. The final year it drew a record crowd of over 400,000. That's right 400,000.

The RCMP encouraged the city to cancel the competition and just like that we went from THE SANDCASTLE CAPITAL OF THE WORLD to ...........?


Hike The Hillside

The new trek, PoCo Climb, has opened its first phase. Phase Two promises an even bigger adventure, with over 150 stairs and a 75-meter elevation gain, plus a unique granite boulder scramble.

Well good on you PoCo.

For years I have pushed White Rock to create a HIKE THE HILLSIDE connection of roads and road end with location signs strategically placed along the route to promote the hilside hike route. . Visitors would park near the bottom of Oxford Street, hike up Oxford then head east to the series of "road ends" that dot our hillside. Great exercise going up and down them (if only we marked them).

I am not really holding my breath. It has now been over a decade since the the late city councillor HELEN FATHERS brought forth a design to beautify the Centre street walkway which runs from Columbia down to Marine Drive and affords walkers a spectacular ocean vista. The last council voted to rename the walkway HELEN FATHERS CENTRE STREET WALKWAY in her honour.

Here we sit. A lot of talk and that is about all.

It is not all bad in White Rock.  Far from it, this weekend hundreds will take part in the dance on the plaza in Memorial Park and in the coming weeks large crowds will turn up for the Concerts at the Pier.  Personally I am excited about the return of our SEA FEST and in particular  the Torchlight parade on Saturday evening August 03.  I have spoken to a number of friends that are already jockeying for a patio seat along the parade route. 

Chris Thornley & his brother /HELEN & I

It will be slightly different for me this year.  In the past years I rode the parade route with my dear friend the late and great councillor HELEN FATHERS.  Very humbling to drive from one end of our town to the other and hear every second person have a personal greeting for Helen.  And well deserved I might add. 
Dave who? 
This year I will be accompanied by my fiancé GAYLE BOUTILIER.

Give us a wave and a big hello, I LOVE MY WHITE ROCK!

David Chesney






Local News

JULY 20, 2024

Emergency Emergency

Health authorities across the province are offering large incentives for doctors to pick up extra shifts at the local emergency departments. Despite the offers a number of emergency wards are considering closures.

White Rock's Peace Arch hospital emergency department is one of the hardest hits. Authorities at the hospital have stated they are too short handed to handle the volume in the summer months. Fraser Health is offering between $3,060 and $4,125 for an eight-hour shift, plus travel and accommodation reimbursement for “all critical to fill shifts.”

Langley Memorial Hospital is struggling to keep its emergency department open overnight in the first week of August, while Mission Memorial Hospital is critically short-staffed during the days and evenings for the entire month of August; both are officering the same incentives as Peace Arch.

Mission Memorial could see overnight closures as soon as Sunday.


Pride Flag Raising

A large crowd turned out to White rock city hall yesterdafternoon for the annual Pride Flag raising event. MAYOR KNIGHT and councillor ERNIE KLASSEN hosted the event and raised the flag which will fly over city hall for the coming week.

The event kicked off PRIDE WEEK in White Rock. The flag raising event was followed by a PRIDE PARADE from Centennial Park through White Rock and concluding with a tour along Marine Drive.

See below for the event schedule for today's activities in Miramar Plaza.


Hot weather is expected to continue for the next few days so here are some places to cool down in White Rock Monday to Friday, 8:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.:

White Rock Community Centre, 15154 Russell Avenue

Centre for Active Living, 1475 Anderson Street

Kent Street Activity Centre, 1475 Kent Street

White Rock Library, 15342 Buena Vista Ave

? Splash Pad at Memorial Park, 15300 Block Marine Drive (open 8 a.m. – 7 p.m. daily)

For updates on heat events please visit


Celebration of Light/Vancouver Kick Off Tonight

The skies over vancouver's english Bay will light up tonight. The annual fireworks display draws tens of thousands of visitors to the West End and Kitsilano viewpoints.


Prior to the start of the fireworks this evening there will be an RED BULL precision airplane display plus a drone show.

(click here for more information)


July 17, 2024

East Beach Fire

Huge Clouds of black smoke billowed up over east Beach mid afternoon yesterday. White Rock Fire & Rescue along with the White Rock RCMP responded quickly.

A fire broke out in some out buildings behind the above house located in the 800 block of Lee Street. Cause of the fire is being investigated. The resident of the home suffered burns to his upper body as he tried to contain the fire until the fire department arrived. He was transported to Peace Arch hospital with non life threatening injuries.

The fire quickly jumped to two large trees on the property which made the fire appear more serious than it actually turned out to be.



July 16, 2024

White Rock Council -Monday recap

(click here to read yesterday's agenda and to watch last evening's council meeting)

- Another cannabis shop in uptown White Rock? APPROVED

- The requested report on the cost of putting an accessibility mat on Canada's Longest Pier. APPROVED

- The price tag on the council requested CCTV cameras for uptown and the waterfront in White Rock. REJECTED

- Dogs on the promenade before 9 a.m. during summer hours. TRIAL PERIOD PASSED

After reviewing the results from the Talk White Rock survey, White Rock city council approved a trial period for dogs to be allowed on the promenade early mornings from 5:30 a.m. till 9:00 a.m. starting on August 1 until Oct. 1, 2024. For more highlights from this week’s council meeting visit .

- Relocation of SEED & STONE cannabis store on Marine Drive. REJECTED


July 15, 2024

My dad saw a black bear in Rosemary heights on 154 st between 36 ave & 37a ave so be careful everyone

Rachael Raven 

Bob Douglas

A while back we had a black bear at Foster & Roper. Where the hell did he come from?


UPDATE July 16

Update 2: The exact info about the bear has been shared in the main group. I encourage everyone to read through for a refresher on bear awareness and etiquette.?

Update: The bear is in Blaine safe and sound. The tag is to track migration patterns, general check in’s and, marking those who have been moved.

First of all, no one is hurt and we have called the surrey conservation officer line and have reported the sighting. I have also called the 2 local golf courses and let them know as well. We have been asked to put our bins (garbage, recycling, organics)?in our garage or lock them up securely.

We are by 8th Ave and hwy 99. I just want to let people know so they can be aware if the are biking through the area. My mother and I saw it go towards the border but not 100% sure where it went.

It has a yellow tag in the left ear.


July 14, 2024

Downward Facing Longest Pier

(Ernie Klassen Photo)

Hundreds of yogis turned out in the glorious sunshine yesterday for the 2nd annual Yoga on the Pier organized by owner Sean O'Leary and his team from 5 Corners Yoga Studio

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Night Owl

A pair of "first timers" roll into Blue Frog this weekend.

But like every other first timer, one show here and they will be back time and time again.

Now you can say.......... you saw them first.

(click here for details on all the great entertainment this week)


Inside the Twisted Fantasy Project of a New America

Conservative heavyweights have published a report on their plans if Trump wins a second term.

We should all pay attention.

It’s understandable that Canadians are anxious about the state of American politics this summer. Four months from the U.S. election, President Joe Biden is being hammered by the media while Donald Trump, a convicted felon, is being largely ignored. 

But it’s not Trump we should be worrying about; it’s his supporters. They’re planning a detailed dismantling of the American federal government, leaving the states free to do as they please — especially those ruled by Republicans.

(read the full story)



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Joke Of The Day

What is the difference between deer nuts and beer nuts?

Beer nuts are 2 dollars, but deer nuts are under a buck!


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Community Events



Saturday Night It's Alright for Dancing

After the huge success of our first Dancing At the Pier event in 2024, our second event happens on Saturday, July 20th.

The July 20th event starts at 5:45 p.m. The night will include a short dance lesson by guest instructor Javier Solis followed by social dancing until 10 p.m. featuring music by DJ MIXXX. Throughout the night Suelta will be lead by Nico Rana.
Events will also be held on August 10th and August 24th. For more information on location and parking, go to the Dancing At the Pier website at

The event is a fun, free, outdoor dance parties for people of all ages and abilities. Dancing At the Pier organizers aim to share their passion for dance and to promote inclusiveness and foster community spirit by bringing people together at the beautiful White Rock waterfront. The events will be held at Memorial Park in White Rock 14970 Marine Dr, White Rock.

Carpooling is recommended. 





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Tomorrow In THE SUN

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Check the waterfront weather in White Rock in real time.

It's always sunny in White Rock - Below is the West Beach Camera an added feature the city of White Rock now has installed an East Beach camera where most day visitors to White Rock can check to see if the tide is in, or out?





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