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Recipes of the Week

Crispy roasted chick peas, better than peanuts and potato chips...and good for you.

(get the recipe here)






Local News

Saturday April 13, 2024

UNITI - Semiahmoo House Society

The Surrey Board of Trade hosted the 15th Annual Surrey Women in Business Awards, presented by Prospera Credit Union. The event recognized the hard work of Surrey’s businesswomen and their contributions to Surrey.

UNITI is delighted to share that UNITI Community Development Committee member, Lauren Simpson, won the Social Trailblazer award as part of her work with the Self-Advocates of Semiahmoo (SAS) and affordable & inclusive housing in Surrey. Lauren, UNITI is incredibly grateful and proud of all the hard work you do for the community.

Congratulations Lauren


SURREY EAGLES move on to the Second Round

The SURREY EAGLES last night defeated the visiting COWICHAN CAPITALS 5-2. The win gave the EAGLES a 4-2 record in the best of 7 series in the first round of the BHCL 2024 playoffs.

The EAGLES now wait to see who they will play in the second round of playoffs.

Great afoordable hockey right here in our backyard. STAY TUNED for playoff details.


Happy Vaisakhi - Vancouver Today / Surrey Next Weekend

To celebrate this year’s Vaisakhi, TransLink is collaborating with visual artist Jag Nagra, who has created a new artistic bus wrap. The colourful bus will be seen around the region to mark Vaisakhi festivities.
The wrapped bus will also be part of the Vaisakhi Nagar Kirtans in Vancouver on April 13 and Surrey on April 20. TransLink employees will be in attendance at both parades to celebrate Vaisakhi and Sikh culture.


Friday April 12, 2024

Elections BC Investigating Three Surrey 2022 Political Slates

DOUG MCCALUM Safe Surrey Coalition

Elections BC recently issued a press release they are investigating 3 political slates which ran campaigns in the 2022 civic election.

Safe Surrey Coalition headed up by DOUG MCCALUM

Surrey First Electors Society led by former White Rock mayor and longtime MLA GORDIE HOGG

United Surrey led by Liberal MP SUKH DHALIWAL

In the press release Elections BC centered their attention on potential political contraventions which included failing to deal with prohibited contributions as well as sponsoring election advertising without proper documentation.

The Elections BC investigations are based on the review and audit findings and supplementary report filings. “These investigations will proceed independently from one another and will conclude at different times. There are two possible outcomes once an investigation concludes. If potential contraventions are unsubstantiated, Elections BC will confirm that the elector organization is in compliance with LECFA. If potential contraventions are substantiated, the elector organization will be subject to enforcement action, which can include administrative monetary penalties,” the bulletin states.

ELECTIONS BC has stated the three slates “have been co-operating with Elections BC throughout the compliance review, audit, and supplementary report filing processes.”


White Rock Council Monday Agenda

3:30 IN CAMERA Meeting

4:00 P.M. Regular council meeting

(click here for agenda)


The City of Surrey’s 2024-2028 General Operating and Capital Budgets

The City of Surrey’s 2024-2028 General Operating and Capital Budgets are now available for the public to view. The 2024 Budgets have been formulated based on direction from Mayor and Council, reflecting City strategies, resource requirements to maintain service delivery and feedback on community priorities obtained during the City’s budget engagement process.

A public meeting of the Finance Committee will be held April 22 at 1pm to consider the 2024 Budget. The public can provide comments in person at the Finance Committee meeting or through written submissions (email or fill out an online form). The deadline for written comments is noon on Friday, April 19, 2024.

The Draft 2024 Budgets and Five-Year Plan can be found here.


Work Resumes Today

City staff met in an uptown cafe yesterday for an open dialogue with business owners and residents alike to discuss the beautification project on Johnston road between Thrift avenue and Russel avenue.

Areas of concern included lack of communication from the city of White Rock, closure of the road and no work being done, the small size of the actual work crew doing the work and the seemingly shortened hours of daily work on the project.

City staff cleared up any confusion and promised to be more diligent in any forthcoming changes in the work schedule. Staff also identified the project will resume today and this slight variation in the schedule will not affect the final scheduled completion date.


Wednesday April 10, 2024


Did you happen to see the waterspout out in Semiahmoo Bay yesterday?

Thank goodness BRYON TOSOFF did.


Monday April 08, 2024



White Rock is looking to bring in new measures to promote public safety, but not everyone is on board. Some feel CCTV cameras are intrusive, others say they are needed to deal with crime. Councillor Christopher Trevelyan supports the idea, while two others and the mayor do not.


Coast Capital 82% salary ceiling increase

Coast Capital is having an Annual General and Special Meeting (AGSM) plus Board Directors election with four resolutions being voted on.  The one rule change of note is #4 that calls for the Board Renumeration Aggregate Cap to rise from $825,000 to $1,500,000.  That is a shocking increase of 82%.

Coast Capital is currently advertising their new Elevate chequing account, using the slogan "Feel The Earn."  At the same time they acknowledge "Nearly half (47%) of Canadians indicate they are living pay cheque-to-pay cheque and nearly a third (33%) report not making enough money each month to cover their bills and debt repayments."

Victoria Council wanted a 25% raise, which was put on hold.  Kelowna Council is voting to give themselves a 30% raise with an option to opt out.  With an 82% raise in the renumeration cap supported by the Board of Directors, Coast Capital credit union members are now "feeling the burn."  The estimated total pay range for a Coast Capital director is already $145K - $165K per year.

Coast Capital members need to be aware of this shocking cash grab and to vote NO before the deadline of April 18 at 5 p.m.  Now is not the time to give Directors the power to increase their salaries as they see fit.  Members also need to realize that voting is online, by mail, or in person at the AGSM on April 25.  Ballots can no longer be dropped off at the branches as was previously the case.

For more information on the upcoming vote, please refer to the following links:

Naturally yours

Don Pitcairn

Coast Capital member


Are The Veltri's Throwing In The Towel...Again

Owner TONY VELTRI and his sons have been operating the iconic White Rock waterfront for years. A number of years back the premises were leased and renamed HEMINGWAY'S.

The business only is now back on the market. The property and the room rentals upstairs are not part of the deal, just the pub/restaurant area.

Takers? We'll see.


14995 Marine Dr, White Rock

This prime Iconic beachfront location on Marine Drive in White Rock offers an exceptional opportunity for entrepreneurs. Ocean Beach Crafts, Drafts and Eats boasts a fully renovated 4717 sq ft space with a commercial kitchen, a liquor license and Patio for 250 seats, and a scenic patio overlooking the unobstructed ocean view. The lease terms are favourable with a 5+5 agreement. Don't miss out on this turnkey operation with high cash flow potential.


Uptown Going Up?

The property located on the NE corner of Roper and Johnston road recently came back on the market. The controversial development of the LADY ALEXANDER highrise was stopped dead in its tracks by the last council. Following years of courts cases the city won the case.

The property eventually fell into foreclosure but recently changed hands with a 6 million dollar sale price.

What will the future be for development below Thrift avenue under this new council?


(click here for past news stories)




Night Owl

White Rock Beach Beer Company

We have live music in the tasting room / lounge on Saturday, as the talented Steve Sainas plays at our joint from 3-5.

This performance is a prelude to the upcoming BEC Entertainment show on April 20 where Steve will perform as part of his trio.

Catch him solo at White Rock's original micro-brewery, and then with his powerful group.


(click here for all the weekend rockin' good times)


Sold Out Tonight...but fear not

These ladie's live shows are sold out! No worries though, you can watch from anywhere you are. Join us for this fantabulous livestream on BLUEFROG

Off The Record

Do you know what the term "Jam Band" means?

The term began with THE GRATEFUL DEAD back in the 70's. THE DEAD were known to turn a typical 3 minute song into a 15-20 minute jam session. Thus the name.

Today we dig into the archives of White Rock's musical history and the story of COZY BONES.

And who better to relate it than longtime White Rocker JORDAN CARRIER.

(click here)


Video Of The Day


Here's hoping the next time the JOHN PRINE tribute "In Spite of Ourselves" comes back to Blue Frog Studios, they include this gem in their repertoire.


Thought For the Day



Joke Of The Day

A couple is reading in their living room after dinner, and the husband announces that he had a rough day at work and is going to skip going to his bowling league that night.

The wife nods and goes back to reading her magazine, but keeps glancing at the living room clock. About twenty minutes later the kitchen phone rings, the wife starts to get up to answer it, but the husband tells her he’s closer, so he walks into the kitchen and answers the phone.

“What??? I dunno buddy, call the damn Coast Guard!” and he slams the phone down.

He goes to the living room and resumes reading the newspaper. His wife looks over at him nervously and asks what the call was about, and the husband replies “pfft, some moron calling to ask if the coast is clear.”


White Rock Eagle Webcam - Streaming live

The White Rock eagle nest now has two eggs, the second egg was laid on Wednesday March 13.


A pair of eagles have taken up residence in the eagle nest high in the trees overlooking Ocean Park.

Mama eagle is sitting on the first 2 eggs of 2024.



Community Events


Play Ball

It is the season opener weekend for the VANCOUVER CANADIANS

Saturday and Sunday afternoon games 1 o'clock

Nat Bailey Stadium

(tickets here)




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Sunday Funnies

















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