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Weekend Update

The White Rock Farmers Market closes up after next Sunday's market. Don't miss out on your chance this weekend to get fresh from the farm items.

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Local News

October 20, 2017

Take A Long Hard Look

Help police identify suspect in sexual assaults

Surrey RCMP is asking for the public’s assistance in identifying an alleged suspect in a pair of sexual assaults that occurred in the Clayton Heights area of Surrey within seven days of each other.

On October 10th (see previous release) and October 17th (see previous release), two different young girls were groped in separate locations by an unknown male before escaping to safety. In both instances the victims were able to provide descriptions of the assailant. Subsequent neighbourhood canvassing by officers of the Surrey RCMP Special Victim’s Unit (SVU) located other witnesses and surveillance video of the alleged suspect. The updated description of the suspect is a Caucasian man, 30-40 years old, 5'10”-6'0”, 170-180lbs., with brown hair, thick eyebrows, full lips, long ears and lobes, facial hair and possibly wearing glasses.

Investigators are now releasing stills from the surveillance video, captured on October 10th (see attached).
A composite sketches created by a Surrey RCMP Forensic Artist are also being released

“If you recognize any of the persons depicted in the stills or sketches, investigators want to hear from you right away,” says Corporal Scotty Schumann. “Our highly trained officers are working hard to solve these crimes.”

Anyone with more information is asked to contact the Surrey RCMP at 604-599-0502.


Portable Protest Tomorrow

The Surrey School Coalition, wants the province to build two new schools in the city every two to three years.

It’s made up of parents and the business community and expects an extra one thousand kids to enter the city’s school system each year.

Specifically, it’s calling for the province to build one new high school and one new elementary school every two to three years until all kids are sitting in permanent structures.

“We’re currently asking for $175-million to get ten of our schools out of crisis,” says parent Lisa Garner with the group, which wants a total of $374-million set aside to deal with this in the coming years.

The group has planned a protest for Earl Marriott Secondary on 16th Avenue to be held 12 noon - 2 p.m. Saturday October 28th.


What is a 'smart' city?

Smart cities leverage technology and innovation to serve people, create efficiencies, and provide a high quality of life, now and in the future.

Infrastructure Canada (INFC) recently announced a “Smart Cities Challenge” to inspire cities across Canada to innovate and take risks. The winning city will receive $50 million to fund its smart cities transformation!

This survey gives you the opportunity to share your ideas and provide feedback about what matters to you most. Feedback collected will be considered in Surrey’s submission to the Challenge. We truly appreciate your participation

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Monday, October 30 – 6:00 pm, The Nightmare Before Christmas
Monday, October 30 – 8:00 pm, Ghost Busters

Semiahmoo Park, White Rock (click here for tickets)


October 19, 2017

Surrey Shots Fired Incident


Surrey RCMP investigates shots fired in Whalley

Surrey RCMP is currently on scene in the Whalley area of Surrey for a report of shots being fired.

At approximately 9:00 pm on October 18th, Surrey RCMP responded to a report of shots fired in the 13300 block of 90th Avenue.

The initial investigation has revealed that a light coloured sedan fired at a dark coloured SUV. Both vehicles fled the area East bound on 90th Ave. There are no other suspect descriptions available at this time.

Officers are conducting neighbourhood canvassing and speaking with witnesses to obtain further information. The investigation is still in its early stages but initial indications are that this is likely a targeted incident.

Anyone with information on the suspect vehicle or the incident is asked to contact the Surrey RCMP at 604-599-0502. If they wish to remain anonymous, contact Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-TIPS or


October 18, 2017

Surrey RCMP is advising the public about a sexual assault incident that occurred in the Cloverdale area Tuesday morning and is appealing for any further information that may lead to the identity of a suspect.

On October 17th at approximately 7:50am, Surrey RCMP received a report of a female student who was on her way to school when she was allegedly grabbed from behind and groped by an unknown male in the 18800 block of 69th Avenue near Clayton Heights Secondary. The 15 year old victim reported that she managed to free herself from the suspect and run back home. The suspect male fled on foot. Surrey RCMP General Duty officers were immediately dispatched to the area but the suspect was not located.

The suspect is described as a Caucasian male, in his 30’s or 40’s, wearing a dark hoody and grey and blue washed out jeans. The victim was not injured.

The Surrey RCMP’s Special Victims Unit is investigating the incident. Officers are looking into whether this incident is related to any other similar incidents. Officers are also working with school officials to remind students and parents about general safety tips. The Surrey School District has sent a letter home to notify parents of this incident.

Surrey RCMP reminds students who are walking to school to follow a few simple steps to heighten their safety, including:

Don’t take short cuts. Use main routes and avoid lanes, forested or secluded areas.
Walk with friends.
Tell someone where you are going and when you will be back.
Phone home when leaving a friend’s house and say when you will be home.
Trust your instincts and your feelings.
Phone home if you are going to be delayed, or if your plans change
Anyone with more information is asked to contact the Surrey RCMP at 604-599-0502. If they wish to remain anonymous, contact Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-TIPS or


October 17, 2017

Honey Truck Highway

Update October 18, 2017

Marine Drive re-opened yesterday afternoon. METRO Vancouver work crews remained on the scene as work continued on the waste pump house.

Midnight Saturday evening a problem developed at the Metro Vancouver sanitary pump station at Marine and Oxford streets on the White Rock waterfront. Yesterday sewage trucks were still parked along Marine Drive until the situation is resolved.

there has been no official statement to date from Metro Vancouver or the City of White Rock. Marine Drive has been cleaned up from the sewer spillage. And will remain closed from Oxford to Anderson street until the problem is under control.


October 16, 2017

First Round - Everyone Played Nice

Sic of the seven Liberal leadership hopefuls came together yesterday at a banquet hall in Surrey. Terrace business woman Lucy Sager was not in attendance.

Generally speaking it was without controversy. The candidates in attendance laid out their platforms but for the most part did not stray or engage into any kind of war of words with their fellow candidates.

Prince George will host the next debate on Nov 4.


Leadership race details

When do BC Liberal members vote on a new leader?

Feb. 1, Feb. 2, and Feb. 3

How do they vote?

Online, with a telephone option

How does the voting process work?

Members will choose the new leader through a one-member, one-vote preferential ballot in which they rank as many or as few candidates as they’d like; with multiple candidates, there may be multiple counts.
Each electoral district is accorded 100 points.
Points are then allocated to contestants based on the ratio of a candidate’s number of first-ranked votes to the total number of votes for a particular electoral district.
The total points that have been accorded to leadership contestants are then added together to create a “province-wide count.”
The second count will see the leadership candidate with the least number of points on the province-wide count eliminated; that candidate’s first-ranked votes are then distributed throughout the electoral districts according to members’ second-ranked choices. The same process follows for future counts.
Any leadership contestant who is the first to receive more than 50 per cent of the points on a province-wide counted is elected leader.
How much does it cost to run for the leadership?

Nomination application fee: $500
Exploratory entry fee: $9,500 (this is refundable if the party’s Rules Committee does not approve a candidate to run for the leadership)
Candidate participation fee: $15,000
Final candidacy fee: $25,000
Compliance deposit: $10,000 (this is refundable unless the candidate has been fined)
The nomination application fee, the exploratory entry fee and the final candidacy fee are all payable to the party on or before Dec. 29.
How much money can leadership candidates spend on their campaigns?

Candidates are not allowed to use public resources, including travel budgets associated with their statuses as members of the Legislative Assembly.
Leadership candidates must report their campaign contributions on the fifth day of every month up to Jan. 5; on these dates, they have to pay 20 per cent of their contributions to the party.
At the end of their campaigns, leadership candidates must give the party any surplus between contributions received and the expenses they incurred.


Surrey Lockup

For those folks that use the Olympic Trail, 1,001 Steps and Christopherson Steps staircases to access Crescent Rock Beach, note that the gates will now be locked at 6 p.m. starting Mon., Oct. 16. The parking lot at Blackie Spit in Crescent Beach also closes at the same earlier time that runs until Feb 11 next year. DON'T GET LOCKED IN.



Night Owl

(keep up to date on all the entertainment news on the Semiahmoo Peninsula)


Yell It Like It Is

He wasn't a friend. I wasn't a fan.

So why did GORD DOWNIE'S passing Tuesday strike me so hard.

(read more)

Tom Wilson

" A lot of us try to cover up what we are. Gord acts out what he is for all of us to see."


Gord Downie February 06 1964 – October 17, 2017

"One who walks amongst the stars"

Responding to the overwhelming national response to Gord Downie’s death on Tuesday, CTV has announced it is moving the world television premiere of the documentary film about the Tragically Hip’s farewell tour and the travails of its lionhearted frontman – Long Time Running – from Nov. to this Friday, October 20 at 8 pm ET.

The 95-minute film is to run-commercial free and will encore on its original airdate of Sunday, Nov. 12 at 8 p.m. ET on CTV, before it begins streaming on Canada’s premium TV streaming service, CraveTV.


TNT - The Naked Truth

DON PITCAIRN nearly drove off the road when he saw construction workers out on the drained Serpentine Fen.

What's going on?

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Good Idea

White Rock was home to the Sandcastle Competition. At the height of its popularity over 400,000 visitors flocked to the sandy tidal pools to observe the wide array of sandcastles and sand sculptures. Our waterfront shoreline is home to a large number of boulders called rip rap that shore up the rail line.

Why don't we create an international stone carving competition with a substantial prize money pot, this way it will attract world class artists. There would also be an entry fee to eliminate the less experienced carvers. Once completed we could leave the boulders on the beach or we could use a train crane and lift them out and place them throughout the city?

White Rock council currently has approved putting $20,000.00 on the table to get a Buskers Festival going in White Rock, which I am not saying is a bad idea, but I kind of like this idea a bit better and it most certainly would put White Rock on the International map

At the far end of West Beach near the eastern end of Semiahmoo Park there is a commemorative stone carving that has been there for years.


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Joke Of The Day

The Law of Equality states:

The time taken by a wife when she says "I'll be ready in 5 minutes" is exactly equal to the to the time taken by husband when he says "I'll call you in 5 mins."


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Meat pie and a squash quiche, yes we said squash quiche!





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