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July's Vojislav Morosan painting from the 2015 Tourism White Rock Art Calendar. The pictures look lovely framed.

*Note-The calendars are on sale at the White Rock Tourism kiosk on the waterfront for $2.00

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Weekend Update

Do you still need some more fireworks? Our neighbours just across the border in Blaine and Birch Bay will be llighting up the sky tomorrow night.

The top women baseball players from around the world kick off their tournament this weekend at South Surrey's Softball City.

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Canada Day Re dux

White Rock and Surrey were two of many cities across Canada that hosted Canada Day celebrations. Surrey's big celebration in Cloverdale with headliners BLUE RODEO has now become the largest Canada celebration west of Ottawa.

Though slightly smaller in size, White Rock very likely has one of the finest geographical locations in this great Dominion.

Check out some of the sights and sounds of "Our City By The Sea" on Canada Day.


Any day is a good day to cruise "White Rock's Strip." Yesterday saw an even higher standard of hot rods, choppers and expensive European sports cars.

l-r Jared Mitchell/Shannon Garlington & Mickey Reeves

A church group from the Morrison Heights Baptist church in Clinton, MS gave up some of their precious time during their week long visit, to volounteer to operate the reserved parking lot behind the Boathouse yesterday. The group is here at the behest of locals Earl and Merrideth Grisafe who now make their home on the Peninsula, but at one time were members of the Mississippi church.

Local LIBERAL candidate in the upcoming federal election JOY DAVIES strolled the promenade handing out "liberal" balloons.

SCOTT HARROLD was presented the Outstanding Canadian on the Peninsula award by MAYOR WAYNE BALDWIN. HARROLD is responsible for bringing the Canadian Forces SNOWBIRDS precision flying team to White Rock over the years. HARROLD in accepting his award vowed to bring the SNOWBIRDS back again, and again. Just not this year.

White Rock's Lylah Skujins and grandma Bonny Barlow shared a gelato on the promenade.

DANIEL WESLEY wrapped up the day long celebration of music with a rock n' roll - reggae - surf set of music in front of a massive crowd.

The wonderful day of activities came to a big bang close as fireworks lit up the skies over Semiahmo Bay.


.......Meanwhile in Surrey

Canadian rock royalty, Blue Rodeo, helped a crowd of more than 100,000 celebrate at Surrey's annual Canada Day Celebration, presented by Coast Capital Savings. Over 100 exhibitors, midway games and rides, and a fireworks extravaganza rounded out the celebration of what was Canada's 148th birthday

See you all next year.




Local News

July 03, 2015

Rocky Mountain Bike Ride Ends in White Rock

Jason Fudge and brothers John, Chris & Tom Young,

You may have noticed the gentlemen pictured above, foresaking the bicycle ban of no riding on Canada's Longest Pier.

This group of Calgary gentlemen decided they would set out on their bicycles for a trip through the Rockies. Their journey finished in White Rock on Canada Day.

The bike tour was a nine-day trek, covering over 1100 kilometres. They riders started the tour from Olympic Park, just outside Calgary, and the final destination was the White Rock pier. The ride raised awareness and money for autism research.


Surrey RCMP is piloting a new community outreach campaign

........ called "Coffee with a Cop".

Inspector Ghalib Bhayani

Modelled after similar initiatives across North America, this campaign is a way for officers and community members to come together in an informal and neutral space to discuss community issues, build relationships, and yes, drink coffee. The event is free and open to all area residents and business owners. The first event starts in Newton with subsequent stops in Cloverdale and South Surrey.

Join Inspector Ghalib Bhayani and your local District Commander for coffee and conversation at the following locations (no registration required):

South Surrey
July 31st - 9:00am-10:00am
Moka House
40 - 16041 24th Avenue, Surrey


July 02, 2015

Results of the transportation plebiscite

The 0.5 per cent tax increase proposed to help pay for major transportation projects around Metro Vancouver has not won the approval of voters, with the 'No' side taking 61.68 per cent of the vote.

The final figures of engagement by the public were also revealed. Roughly 40% or close to 700,000 residents of the Lower Mainland took the time ti fill out and return their ballots.

City of White Rock

YES votes 3,139

YES percentage 40.74%

NO votes 4,566

NO votes percentage 59.26%


City of Surrey

YES votes 42,519
YES percentage 34.46%
NO votes 80,851
NO votes percentage 65.54%

TransLink governance changes critical: Mayors' Council

The council says immediate governance changes are needed at TransLink in the wake of a resounding 'No' vote. The mayors say in the absence of progress on the funding gap for more transit and road projects by the end of the year, they will be forced to reconsider its role with the transit authority.

To see how the entire region voted check out this interactive map (click here)


Do We Have A Language Problem Here?

On Monday while walking the promenade I discovered two groups of Chinese visitors clearly in violation of two city bylaws. I politely approached both families and tried to explain to them they could not take their dogs on the promenade or walk on the train tracks.

Neither family spoke a word of English. With the ever growing number of Asian visitors moving and visiting our "city by the sea" does one think we need to start putting up yet more signs on our waterfront?

D.Chesney Publisher/Councillor

没有狗 No Dogs

当心列车 Beware Of Trains


July 01, 2015

Music In The Park(ing lot)

The colourful winning entry for PARKit, Surrey's annual 'pop-up' park design challenge, was officially unveiled yesterday at Surrey Central Station.

Featuring two 'dueling' street pianos, the temporary installation called 'Pantone' was specially designed to incorporate the Piano in the Streets program—an innovative summer initiative that places pianos in various open-air locations throughout Metro Vancouver.

Submitted by local design team Ryan McClanaghan, Daniel Hawkins, and Shane Oleksiuk, Pantone features a vibrant, colourful design inspired by traditional theatres and playful shapes. It includes two elegantly curved wooden forms to house, shelter and amplify the sound of the pianos and a collection of bistro tables and seating areas.

"This is a truly unique outdoor space, and the design team did a fantastic job offering visitors and residents alike with a lively place to gather, listen to music, have a bite to eat or simply enjoy a relaxing moment in their busy day," said Councillor Bruce Hayne, Chair of the Parks, Recreation and Sport Tourism Committee.

The site will remain open through early September.


Roaming Surrey Streets

Surrey RCMP have taken a rare step in their ongoing investigation into who is responsible for the very open gun fights that are occurring on Surrey's streets. The two pictured above were apparently the target of a very public attempt on their lives last week while dining on the outdoor deck of the Earl's restaurant on Scott Road @ 72nd avenue in Surrey. Neither of the individuals are believed to have been injured. The gun men and the two individuals were no longer at the scene b the time police arrived.

Surrey RCMP are asking the public's assistance in identifying either of these individuals.

The gun play continued Monday evening in Fleetwood on the Fraser Highway near 160th street. A vehicle pulled up beside another westbound vehicle and two individuals in that vehicle were seen firing guns out the window of their vehicle at the other vehicle. No one was reported injured. RCMP say the individuals in the vehicle that was shot up are not cooperating with police. Police ask anyone with information on any of the shootings to call the tip line at 604-915-6566 or Crime Stoppers, if they wish to remain anonymous, at 1-800-222-TIPS or


Lower Mainland Earns Drought Certification

With weather conditions expected to remain warm and dry, water users in the South Coast and Lower Fraser regions are being urged to reduce water consumption.

These regions - including Metro Vancouver, the Sea to Sky and Sunshine Coast areas, and the Fraser Valley and Canyon - are currently experiencing Level 3 drought conditions, which call for voluntary water use reductions of 20% or more from all municipal, agricultural and industrial users.

Water conservation tips for the home

Limit outdoor watering.
Don't water during the heat of the day or when it's windy.
Consider planting drought-tolerant vegetation.
Take shorter showers.
Don't leave the tap running.
Install water-efficient shower heads and toilets.


June 30, 2015

Heat wave Will Continue

Following a couple of cooler days on Sunday and Monday, the temperatures are expected to climb back into the 90's tomorrow. This current version of an unusual heat wave will continue all week, with temperatures climbing even higher on the weekend. Stay hydrated, make sure your pets have lots of water and for goodness sake don't take your pet in the car without due diligence. If there is a senior in your neighbourhood check in with them to make sure they are not suffering in the heat.



Night Owl

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Anyone over 40 years of age is constantly wondering "Where the heck can I hear some NEW music." Well check this link out. NPR National Public Radio in America has assembled their "Top Songs of 2015...So Far."

There is some very cool music by artists you will never hear on local radio. Well maybe not until they become Golden Oldies 20 years from now

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Yell It Like It Is

Quick question. What are the dates of the TOUR DE WHITE ROCK and THE WHITE ROCK SEA FESTIVAL.

No looking!

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Eve Lees

There are many more foods that do not resemble the way they occurred in nature, yet we mistakenly think they are good for us. They create havoc in your digestive system, even though you are not aware of it at the time. But over time, this ‘silent’ stress will eventually rob you of your good health.
Before you put any food into your mouth, ask yourself if you could have eaten that food if you were living off the land, without any technology (except perhaps a heat source for cooking). If you can say “yes”.......bon appetite!


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TNT The Naked Truth

Image on Bob Bose's favourite cycling t-shirt

Everyone needs a hero.

DON PITCAIRN explains how and why former Surrey councillor BOB BOSE has earned his high praise.

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Coming Events


It's YOUR town, have YOUR say!

The creation of a new OCP, Single Family Garbage Pickup, Tree Management the acquisition of the water system from EPCOR. Do you not thing any of these affect you? Come to the meeting Saturday.

Please note COUNCILLOR FATHERS will be unable to attend the summer meetings, but the show goes on.

D.Chesney/Publisher & Councillor

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Joke Of The Day

Psychiatric Hotline

Welcome to the Psychiatric Hotline.
If you are obsessive-compulsive, please press 1 repeatedly.
If you are co-dependent, please ask someone to press 2.
If you have multiple personalities, please press 3, 4, 5 and 6.
If you are paranoid-delusional, we know who you are and what you want. Just stay on the line until we can trace the call.
If you are schizophrenic, listen carefully and a little voice will tell you which number to press.
If you are manic-depressive, it doesn't matter which number you press. No one will answer.

Video Of The Day



Thought For The Day



Tomorrow In THE SUN

Recipe Of The Week

Slow Cooker Coconut Curry Chicken Cashew





Planning on heading to the beach at White Rock or Crescent Beach today? Check the tides.




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