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Meet The Candidates

Mike Armstrong - Independent


Scott Kristjanson - Democracy Direct

Between now and the voting day we will be featuring some of the various candidates that are participating in the upcoming White Rock civic election.

Election day is Saturday October 20.

Make your voice heard, VOTE!

(click here to meet today's candidates MIKE ARMSTRONG and SCOTT KRISTJANSON)




Local News

Tuesday September 18, 2018


Sunday afternoon was a special day for the children of HARLEY CHAPPELL leader of the Semiahmoo First Nations.

The ceremony was held at Earl Marriott Secondary school in South Surrey.


Monday :September 17, 2018

OH NO! Say It Ain't So

The Latest SMASH HIT at the White Rock Playhouse!

So, with all of the construction happening on Johnston Road, two waterlines burst Sunday, sending rocks and debris smashing in a large front window and several of the front doors.

First reports are that the pantomime giraffe was uninjured in the blast.

T. Saunders

Sylvia Van Sickle

It happened again around 6:15 pm when my husband was in the theatre for the rehearsal of another play and the glass was being replaced. He said it was like a bomb going off and the rocks, water and glass just missed him. He said if it had hit anybody it would have killed them. All the glass that was replaced was broken and then some, the carpets were flooded and the gyproc on the back wall was wet and dented from the rocks. Thank God nobody was injured. I guess the replacement part was faulty too?


On Friday Sept 21 in the afternoon a Community Forum will take place on rail safety on the Semiahmoo Peninsula. The Panel will be MP Gord Hogg, MLA Tracy Redies, Mayors for White Rock and Surrey, Transport Canada and BNSF. As citizens who are concerned regarding decoupling causing blockage of access to and from Crescent Beach, derailment of toxic materials and lack of an emergency response plan for the Semiahmoo Peninsula we invite your to attend this community forum to voice your concerns.

Friday, September 21st, 1:30 – 3 pm, White Rock Community Centre, 15154 Russell Avenue


September 15, 2018

White Rock Civic Election - Saturday October 20, 2018

Stay up to date on all the election news, polling stations, advance poll dates, campaign trail details and of course - the results on Saturday October 20th


Mayor - One to be elected

Name Documents (PDF)
Tom Bryant PDF
Judy Higginbotham PDF
Grant Meyer, White Rock Coalition PDF
Mike Pearce PDF
Darryl Walker, Democracy Direct - White Rock PDF
Garry Wolgemuth PDF

(6 candidates)


Councillor - Six to be elected

(22 candidates)

Name Documents (PDF)
Michael Armstrong PDF
Moti Bali PDF
David Chesney PDF
Helen Fathers PDF
Andy Gibney PDF
Heather Hildred PDF
Erika Johanson, Democracy Direct - White Rock PDF
Zachary Johnson PDF
Ernie Klassen, White Rock Coalition PDF
Megan Knight, White Rock Coalition PDF
Scott Krisjanson, Democracy Direct - White Rock PDF
Christian Lane PDF
Bill Lawrence, White Rock Coalition PDF
Fiona MacDermid PDF
Anthony Manning, Democracy Direct - White Rock PDF
Mia Pedersen PDF
Jeffery Simpson PDF
Lynne Sinclair, White Rock Coalition PDF
Balbir Thind, White Rock Coalition PDF 
Christopher Trevelyan, Democracy Direct - White Rock PDF
Ken Wuschke
Nerissa Yan, White Rock Coalition PDF

(click here for more info)


Surrey Civic Election Candidates

Mayor - 1 position for Mayor

  • Tom Gill (Surrey First, currently a councillor)
  • Pauline Greaves (Proudly Surrey)
  • Bruce Hayne (Surrey Integrity Now, former Surrey First member, currently councillor)
  • Rajesh Jayaprakash (People First Surrey)
  • Doug McCallum (Safe Surrey Coalition, former Surrey mayor)
  • Francois Nantel (Independent)
  • Imtiaz Popat (Progressive Sustainable Surrey)
  • John Wolanski (Independent)

Council - 8 council positions available

  • Neera Agnihotri (Independent)
  • Linda Annis (Surrey First)
  • Saira Aujla (Independent Surrey Voters Association, formerly Surrey Community Alliance)
  • Kashmir Besla (Independent)
  • Tanvir Bhupal (Independent)
  • Brian Calderwood (Independent)
  • Roslyn Cassells (GreenVote)
  • Narima Dela Cruz (Surrey First)
  • Avi Dhaliwal (Integrity Now)
  • Doug Elford (Safe Surrey Coalition, former Surrey Community Alliance president)
  • Maria Foster (People First Surrey)
  • Neneng Galento (Independent)
  • John Gibeau (Integrity Now)
  • Rina Gill (Integrity Now)
  • Parshotam Goel (Proudly Surrey)
  • Laurie Guerra (Safe Surrey Coalition)
  • Trevor Halford (Surrey First)
  • Paul Hillsdon (Surrey First)
  • Jack Singh Hundial (Safe Surrey Coalition)
  • Afshan Kamran (Independent)
  • Felix Kongyuy (Proudly Surrey)
  • Murali Krishnan (People First Surrey)
  • Vera LeFranc (Surrey First, incumbent)
  • Nicholas Loberg (Independent)
  • Brenda Locke (Safe Surrey Coalition)
  • Adam MacGillivray (Proudly Surrey)
  • Mandeep Nagra (Safe Surrey Coalition)
  • Nasima Nastoh (Independent Surrey Voters Association)
  • Stuart Parker (Proudly Surrey)
  • Allison Patton (Safe Surrey Coalition)
  • Kuldip Pelia (Independent)
  • Steven Pettigrew (Safe Surrey Coalition)
  • Thampy Rajan (People First Surrey)
  • Bableen Rana (Safe Surrey Coalition)
  • Major Singh Rasode (Independent)
  • Paul Rusan (People First Surrey)
  • Bernie Sheppard (Independent Surrey Voters Association, formerly Surrey Community Alliance)
  • Forrest Smith (Independent)
  • Mike Starchuk (Surrey First, incumbent)
  • Barbara Steele (Integrity Now, incumbent, formerly Surrey First)
  • Asad Syed (Independent Surrey Voters Association, formerly Surrey Community Alliance)
  • Upkar Tatlay (Surrey First)
  • Raminder Thomas (Surrey First)
  • Deanna Welters (Progressive Sustainable Surrey)
  • Dave Woods (Integrity Now, incumbent, formerly Surrey First)
  • Yanni Yu (People First Surrey)
  • Derek Zabel (Independent Surrey Voters Association)
  • Becky Zhou (Independent)

UPDATE: Johnston Road Temporary Road Closure to Vehicle Traffic Extended


White Rock, B.C. – After the current temporary road closure of Johnston Road, CLCS (Canadian Landscape and Civil Services Ltd – the project’s Prime Contractor) has made significant progress to upgrade critical water and sewer infrastructure, installing soil-cell structures for the new trees, and addressing sidewalk safety matters on Johnston Road. In order to continue making significant strides, the City of White Rock will extend the Temporary Road closure from September 15, 2018 to September 21, 2018:




Night Owl

Blue Frog announces two of the all time favourite groups returning to White Rock.

STEELIN' IN THE YEARS November 9 & 10

EAGLE EYES (The #1 tribute show of the music of The Eagles)

December 13, 14 & 15

(click here for all the upcoming live events)


Tonight - Wednesday


TNT The Naked Truth

Don Pitcairn

White Rock has an official flower - the Nootka Rose.

I think it might be time to acknowledge and name the official bird.

(read more)


Video of the Day

Woodpecker Guards Its Nuts

A wonderful look at an acorn woodpecker that is protecting its tree full of nuts from a raiding squirrel. I’m sure anyone that has a bird feeder that is raided by a squirrel will appreciate this woodpecker. If you work hard to gather nuts then you certainly don’t want a squirrel to steal them from you.


Chesney's Chestnut

I don't trust those Internet and TV ads about apps. They say they are free, but how do I know I'm not getting charged hidden fees after I download them?

Do they really do what they say they're going to do? And all those gigabytes they use up! I just feel very uneasy when it comes to this kind of cell phone technology.

I guess that makes me… app-rehensive?


Thought The Day


Community Calendar

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Tomorrow In THE SUN


...parting is such sweet sorrow.

Outgoing White Rock mayo WAYNE BALDWIN proved that in spades at Monday's council meeting.




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