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Yell It Like It Is

Editor/Publisher White Rock Sun

David Chesney




Thursday July 27, 2023

Terra Vance

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I didn’t know why people kept mentioning “small towns,” but assumed it was a pop culture reference I was missing.

So, I googled it.

Jason Aldean, a country singer I've never heard of and will probably never think about again after people stop talking about him, recently released a song called, "Try That in a Small Town."

The song, if you've not heard it, threatens violence on people who do various things like car jacking, stomping on a flag, “cussing out” a cop, or robbing a liquor store at gun point.

A friend of mine pointed out that Aldean is from Macon, Georgia, with a population of over 150,000.

That’s… not a small town.

I’m from Logan, WV. Population is 1,400.

I came from Chauncey, WV, a coal camp in Logan. Population is 283. I am actually from “Chauncey Holler” (Hollow). Population is probably fewer than 100 people.

I’m from an actual small town.

I’m descended from the Hatfield/Vance clan of Hatfield and McCoy repute. I’m cut from the Shawnee resistance to the Indian Removal Act. My ancestors were freedmen. My ancestors mined the coal that kept the pacified middle class warm and cozy in their domesticated complacency.

And yes, if you come to an actual small town as an outsider and do things that seem threatening to insiders, they’ll handle it internally.

That much is true.

What Jason Aldean is talking about isn’t anything like what people from actual small towns would say. In fact, you won’t hear from them at all because it is not in the ethos of people from insular, isolated communities to try and posture with the outside world.

They don’t think people are actually going to come there and try to burn their crumbling infrastructure and rob their single-wide trailers and their dead grandma’s house they squat with duct tape and cut up trash bags for windows.

No city person is traveling to the middle of nowhere to steal your Aunt Gert’s Buick Skylark, Jason.

They don’t carry enough jugs of oil and coolant to pull over every few miles and top it off because they have not been waiting on that black lung settlement for over a decade to get their car fixed.

Noey (Noah) Mullens, the town mechanic, passes everyone’s car inspection because no one cares about regulations. The police would not ticket Aunt Gert, either, because when most everyone is that Poor, the police know better.

The police don’t “cross that line.”

No one is afraid of getting caught or being reported because no one is looking.

No one cares. No city folk care. No suburban country music singers care.

They’re invisible.

Police do not have much of a role in small towns. People do handle things on their own. No one is spitting in a cop’s face in a small town because Officer Joe Sias and his brother Don aren’t patrolling.

They probably never fired their weapons on the job at anything other than a rabid raccoon or coyote, and they’re considerably less armed than the average citizen. No one calls the police to report crimes.

But in a small town, you are very likely to be robbed by your neighbor’s adult kid with a meth or oxycontin addiction. They’ll steal your grandparents’ cancer and hospice meds and your tube TV.

And no one riots in a small town because they can’t afford to reach the power structures that left them so poor.

At nights, people steal the flood grates around small towns for scrap metal. They loot abandoned houses and businesses for copper wire and metal pipes to scrap. No one is ever going to revitalize those structures, so people just look the other way. By day they pick up beer and soda cans on the side of the road— for scrap.

Anything to avoid the mines.

Aldean’s video shows b-roll of protests, property destruction, violence, and generally unrelated incidents in big cities.

Nobody in those videos cares about what’s happening in somebody’s small town. This is the suburbanite white dude fantasy version of Scarface. It’s the product of having no sense of personal identity and appropriating some ill-imagined mixture of actual generational Poverty culture (which is not a white phenomenon) and a wholly American mythos of having a closed culture that worships assimilation.

They often don’t think they’re racist because they often do genuinely like their Black and Brown neighbors who fish and hunt with them and go to their churches and whose kids are on their kids’ little league team.

They have a vision of living in community that they can’t bring to reality because things have changed since the boomer generation's good hand. They have dreams of being financially successful if they just work hard enough, but those dreams are not coming to fruition because they’re an American myth.

They’re trying to hold on to a sense of grandiosity characterized by surviving struggles they never experienced and by having values they don’t understand or have no connection to.

They are angry at anyone defying the order because they cope with the loss of hope for a mythical future by trying to blame people being crushed by the systems that are also eroding the white working class (at a slower rate).

The rate has been so slow, they don’t realize their sentimentality about how great this nation is came from lies they were told and an identity that is as empty and illusory as the history they learned in school.

It’s the equivalent of trying to be the proverbial “golden child” to an abusive parent, maintaining the illusion that the truth-telling “scapegoat” is actually the problem.

That’s the “great again” that people like that bank on. The proverbial “New Jerusalem.”

Is the song racist?

That’s the wrong question, because it’s oversimplified.

Is the song a mediocre by-product of a mass delusion that white settlers have agreed to maintain because they too had their identities stolen by colonialism, so that they are also defined by Uncle Sam’s toxic legacy as the golden child who is too cowardly to ask questions, hear the truth, accept accountability, or fight back?


This peacock of a song is a blatant and pitiable attempt at being unable to accept that they only get a pass from Uncle Sam when they assimilate into a fictional character that upholds the colonial ego of Big Daddy Nationalism and Mama Manifest Destiny.

Unpacking that everything you’ve ever been told is a lie is hard work, and they’re not cut out for that because they’re not actually workers.

They aren’t the cheap labor they benefit from. Their “small town” fantasy is as sincere as their “honest worker” fantasy.

They need to consult their ancestors, and not just the ones who got free [stolen] land.

My “small town” ancestors shot the sheriffs and the deputies, they burned whole towns to the ground, and they led the most violent uprisings in the history of Uncle Sam’s invasion because they did not see the people upholding the status quo as “their own.”

Jason Aldean has no idea who “his people” are. They’re not “small town” people. They’re the middle mass, the embodied entitlement that one inherits when they come from a legacy of settler colonialism, slave trading, and evangelical purity culture that justified genocide.

They’ve been convincing themselves they’re fighting for something noble for so long, they see the loss of that illusion as a threat to the only identity colonialism left them with— generic whiteness.

What he can’t handle is that he’s not a “good ol’ boy,” he’s just a bully doing the business of an abusive parent to preserve the illusion of the “pillar of community.”

If he knew how to be in community, he would not be building a cult following on nationalistic propaganda.



June 23, 2023

Goodbye My Friend

Dear Family, Friends & Patrons

The past 13 years have been nothing short of an amazing experience, with having the ability to share my living room with the White Rock community. I am so proud of Laura’s Coffee Corner, and everything it has become. I am thrilled to announce, that as of July 1st, 2023, Laura’s Coffee Corner will continue under new ownership.

It is crazy to think that from 13 years ago to now, my dream became a reality. I had no idea that by starting out by myself, I would eventually grow to employ so many people that have impacted Laura’s in so many ways. It has been a pleasure to witness so many employees grow through Laura’s. I feel thankful that I could be a part of their journey. I could not have been so successful without my team. Thank you to each and every one of you.

I feel blessed to be a part of such an amazing community. What a pleasure it has been to cook and bake for all of you for the last 13 years. It feels surreal, that with the little experience I had, I created something for all of you to enjoy. It never fails to amaze me how the community has never given up on me. From starting over in a new location to getting through a pandemic, thank you for keeping Laura’s alive.

To quote Vin Diesel “Nothing is more important than family”. I could not have done any of this without the support of my family. From having my daughter start working with me at 10 years old, and watching my son take his first steps in the coffee shop. Those are memories I will never forget. Growing up in an Italian family showed me how food brought people together, and that is I look forward to introducing the new owners to you all, please welcome them with open arms as you welcomed me.

I will not be leaving just yet, I will be helping the new owners as they want to keep Laura’s as is and will help them achieve that.

I am looking forward to this next chapter of my life, I will see you all for a coffee. For my next adventure follow me at @lauracornale

Ciao a tutti

Laura xo

I was stunned when I learned Laura was going to wind up operating her successful coffee shop in White4 Rock. I may have been one of her first customers when she opened her original coffee shop up the street at Five Corners. The original shop was destroyed some 8 years ago by arson.

It was that moment that to me defined Laura. As dozens of us stood solemnly on the sidewalk in the early morning hours watching the firemen battle the massive blaze that took nearly 12 hours to bring under control. As I stood to Laura and her husband Glen stood silent like the rest of us I glanced over and there were tears running down Laura's face as the fire ripped her dream to pieces. I heard Laura turn to her husband Glen and say "We have to go hone right now, I need to start a GOFUND ME site, those people living in the condos are going to need some help. Her personal welfare was secondary '

I may have been one of her first customers at the original Laura's when it replaced a coffee shop with the unlikely name of COFFEE WITH ATTITUDE.

Over the years at the original location I remember whenever I walked in I knew virtually everyone in the shop. Her popularity at the new location on Pacific avenue just down the street from the original location, has spread her popularity well behind the borders of White Rock. I had occasion to be at Peace Arch Hospital the other day and a lady came up to me and asked "Could you please tell me how I get to a famous coffee shop here in White Rock I have heard so much about, I think it is called Laura's or something like that?"

Over the years in my numerous fundraising efforts for Hospice, Terry Fox Run, SOURCES the first person to sign my pledge form was normally Laura. Need a gift certificate for a prize for an event. No problem, how much would you like it for. I often marvel when I am standing in line at Laura;s I can see her busy baking cooking in the back but she has an automatic alert system that causes her to quickly look up, scan the lineup and see who she knows by name so she can issue them a personal greeting.

I could go on and on extolling the virtues of Laura. Laura will be around for the change over with the new owner, stop in and say hello and let her know how much she meant to our community.

What I can say is there will never be a day when I don't walk into LAURA'S COFFE SHOP that I won;t think about Laura.

I love you Laura.

This is not goodbye

David Chesney/Editor & Publisher


May 12, 2023

Raise A Little Hell, Indeed say the least.

Let me just say how hard it is for me to not get in the mud with the pigs and lay into the Canadian Association of Recording Arts and Scientists (CARAS)FOR THEIR INCREDIBLE OVERSIGHT IN NOT INDUCTING TROOPER years ago. I have patiently sat back and watched the Toronto Tontos induct bands that had not even learned how to play CG& D chords on their first guitars.

Nope not going to do it.

For those of you reading this that do not know my connection with TROOPER, I have been a friend of lead singer and White Rock resident RA MCGUIRE for a number of years. Probably not as many as some would imagine. Always the first musician to raise his hand and raise hell at my now infamous election fundraiser was my dear friend and neighbour RA MCGUIRE.

Like so many Canadian my history with TROOPER goes back to their early incarnations of WINTERS GREEN which morphed into APPLEJACK which finally became TROOPER with a name change when they recorded and released their debut album in Trooper's first album, was released in 1975. "Baby Woncha Please Come Home" and "Good Ol' General Hand Grenade" became the band's first hits.

In 1976, they released "Two For the Show" - their first gold album. The title song went to #1 and "Santa Maria" top five. The album later went platinum.

Their next LP, "Knock 'Em Dead, Kid", which included the hits "We're Here for a Good Time" and "Pretty Lady", was certified platinum in March 1978.

Their fourth album, "Thick as Thieves", contained the hits "Raise a Little Hell" (their first and only hit in the U.S.), "Round, Round We Go" and "The Moment That It Takes". It shipped gold, and later double platinum.

"Hot Shots", a greatest hits album, was released in 1979. The song "The Boys in the Bright White Sports car", from the "Two For The Show" album, was included on the album and soon earned its 'greatest hit' designation. Hot Shots earned 6 platinum albums - the first Canadian album to ever reach this status. Six months later, "Flying Colors" was released, containing the hits "Three Dressed Up As a Nine", "Janine" and "Drive Away". The album was also certified double platinum.

In 2022 founding members RA MCGUIRE and BRIAN "Smitty" SMITH collectively came to the conclusion with the pandemic having sidelined the band from touring this great country, it was time for them to step aside and pass the torch. The band continues today with new members joining the remains of the last incarnation. They continue to tour wowing audiences coast to coast.

There are a million "TROOPS" stories. A pair that specifically stand out for me.

The year was 1980. We at CBS Records had recently released LOVERBOY'S debut album. The first big radio hit that launched the band was "The Kid Is Hot Tonight." Fast forward to a couple of months into the release of the record a bunch of us were at a sold out TROOPER Pacific Coliseum show. Lead singer MIKE RENO was sitting in front of me when TROOPER launched into a song but inserted the opening guitar riff from The Kid Is Hot Tonight into the arrangement of one of their songs. RENO sat straight up and looked around for the rest of the band, thinking he was supposed to have been on stage with the band. Never missed a trick those TROOPER boys.

My second fond TROOPER memory was when I came up with the idea to designate our White Rock pier as "Canada's Longest Pier." I searched online for all and any information. All I could find was Campbell River had the nerve to call their little wharf Canada's Longest Pier. We put and end to that BS. During the course of my research I reached out to RA MCGUIRE and asked him if in all his years of touring our great dominion, if he had ever seen any structure that came even close to our pier? His reply was, "Absolutely Not."

TROOPER will be inducted into the Canadian Music Hall of Fame on May 18 at Studio Bell in Calgary, Alberta.

The induction ceremony, presented by Music Canada, is set to stream live at 9 p.m. ET on CBC and on CBC Music’s Facebook and YouTube pages. 

In a truly classy move founding members SMITH & MCGUIRE have invited all past members to join them on stage for a performance as part of the festivities in Calgary next Thursday.

David Chesney


* My only regret is........ I simply wish the last time I saw TROOPER I had known it was the last time.

Come on Ra & Smitty just one more show.




May 05, 2023

Yell It Like It Is

He Said She Said

The ongoing soap opera in Surrey, commonly known as the  future of policing in Surrey is getting rather tiresome.

In my humble opinion there is more than just the astronomical financial numbers in play on  a policing change from the RCMP to a private police force  SPS Surrey Police Services.

Let’s turn back the hands of time to 1996.  This was the year DOUG MCCALLUM was elected mayor of Surrey defeating former Surrey mayor BOB BOSE.  MCCALLUM had only served one 3 year term as a councillor before moving into the mayor’s chair.  During his tenure as mayor MCCALLUM quickly locked horns with an upstart councillor by the name of DIANNE WATTS.  Their public spats were numerous.    WATTS would go on to become mayor in 2005 sending MCCALUM to the history books, but certainly not silencing him.  MCCALLUM continued his barbs at WATTS  in the coming years, eventually returning to political life as mayor of Surrey in 2018.

MCCALLUM and his slate which included at that time current mayor BRENDA LOCKE were swept to power on a very simple political platform.  “Elect  us and we will bring a private police force to Surrey.”  Not long after the election MCCALLUM’S style of  leading did not settle well with a number of councillors on his slate including current mayor BRENDA LOCKE.  The policing issue quickly became a stumbling point that fractured the council of the day.  LOCKE and three other councillors split from MCCALLUM and his majority on council and the fight was on.  LOCKE stated she no longer believed a private police force was the way for Surrey to proceed.  Her main reason according to LOCKE was the price tag to switch from the RCMP to a private police force.  MCCALLUM kept pushing and LOCKE kept resisting.

The he said she said battle continued for the remainder of the four year term of the elected council.  Come 2022 BRENDA LOCKE and a new group of individuals ran on a slate that stated if you elect us we will keep the RCMP in Surrey.  MCCALLUM stayed the course as vehicles had already been purchased for the private police force.  The hiring began, a new police board was elected and it was petal to the metal.  In the subsequent election in October 2018 BRENDA LOCKE and her support staff of candidates were elected to Surrey council with enough votes to ensure  their wishes would become a reality.  The controversy raged on. 

The province of British Columbia who needed to be consulted  agreed to Surrey’s wishes under MCCALUM and green lit a move to a private police force.  Private police forces are nothing new in the Lower Mainland.  Abbotsford, Port Moody, New Westminster and West Vancouver have all had private police forces for years  Working side by side with RCMP operations in neighbouring cities with no apparent friction.

As we all know and as history shows us, upon being elected  MAYOR in 2022 BRENDA LOCKE was back in Victoria telling them she had changed her mind now that she saw the price tag and wished to keep the RCMP in Surrey.  Months dragged by and finally solicitor general MIKE FARNWORTH  issued a very strong recommendation for Surrey to stay the course and continue the switch over to the RCMP.  Boom the fight was on.

The optics of this whole she said he said soap opera continued right up to a couple of weeks ago when the announcement was made and BRENDA LOCKE came out swinging at FARNWORTH and Victoria accusing one and  all of being very disrespectful to the people of   her and the people of Surrey in their handling of said decision.

Meanwhile the weirdest optic of the whole soap opera  was a hastily called press conference by former Mayor DOUG MCCALLUM the same day (within hours) of the announcement from Victoria.  In his own words he was so happy he could dance.

All I could hear out of his mouth was “an an an Nana I TOLD YOU SO BRENDA”

Stay tuned for next week’s episode of “You Have The Right To Remain Silent!”


David Chesney




April 28, 2023


Hjorth Road Yankees (1961)

I have to get something off my chest.

What has happened to the beautiful game of baseball?   

It seems like whenever I turn around they have made another change to “improve” the game.    This year major league baseball has brought in a number of rule changes.  The one that irks me the most, being apitcher at heart, is the time clock put on pitchers to speed up the game.  The other change is the International rule whereby if the game is a tie at the end ofregular time the end of 9 innings a runner from the team that is coming up to bat, puts a runner on second base with no one out.  This is a move  to shorten the game by greatly increasing the at bat team to score a run.   Shorten the game?  Why would you want to do that.?

I know the reason is to speed up the game.  Personally I have always loved the idea that baseball is the only sport that is not governed by the clock.  Ostensibly the game could go on forever. The game literally could go on forever.  Many times over the years I enjoyed the thrill of watching games that went sometimes to 15 or 16 innings.  I was on the edge of my seat, as were real baseball fans. The old saying in baseball vernacular is "It's a beautiful day - let's play two." While I am up here on my soapbox can we please start to enforce some form of public appearance. The New York Yankees do not allow facial hair and or long flowing locks. I could point out a canyk one of a number of players in the major leagues that look like they are auditionin for Planet of the Apes. Toronto BLue Jays two best players Bo BIssonette and Vladimir Guillero Jr. ar teo perfect exacmple of players that need to do a little work on their public appearance. WHile I am at it Vladimir Jr. should get a talking to about chit chatting with runners from the opposing team that make it to first base. Baseball 101 - until the game is over THEY ARE YOUR ENEMIES. PEriod. And finally let's just tell the first base and third base coach they are no longer needed. This really drives me crazy. If you are reading this verbal explosion, and y ou have p0layed or are playng baseball ont=e of the firs things your coach will tell you is when you hit the ball don't run around the bases admiring your accomplishment. Watch and listen to your base coaches. If you watch a game these days that time honoured tradition is right out the window. I can remember being benched for missing a sign from or instruction from a base coach. Oh I could go on and on about the change in today's game. Sitting on the bench with your iapd watching your previous at bat or in the field endeavours is incredibly stupid. Pay attention to the game. Get your head into it. Maybe I should stop right here and go up to Centennial Park and help some current coaches with the basics of baseball.

Baseball taught me a lot about life.  My baseball life began on the Hjorth Road Yankees (see above picture - can you pick me out?).  Upon arriving at Harold Bishop Elementary in the early 60’s I was introduced to softball by one MR. BLACK my grade 5 teacher.  He taught me and a couple of other boys to pitch “windmill style.”  It carried me forth for decades. Pitching was really the only position I played over my two decades of baseball. When I watch a game now I silently imagine I am on the mound and try to decide what pitch I would throw to the batter based on their stance and the pitch count. Two strikes and no balls? We're coming with the high heat folks.

Many years later when I was in my late 20’s and working in the music industry in Vancouver, I came together with a number of fellow industry vets, who shared my love for baseball.  We formed a team that would eventually join the Vancouver Media league, which was made up of radio stations, newspaper outlets and television stations. 

That first team was THE WEEKEND WARRIORS.  As the team began to gel and take things a little more seriously we decided it was time to get full uniforms, WEEKEND wouldn;’t fit on the uniforms so we just shortened it up to WARRIORS named after the movie “The Warriors” which just happened to be a favourite movie at the time of a number of members of the team "Oh Warriors Come Out To Play."

The Warriors lasted 19 years.  The friendships will last a lifetime.

Thank you for reading and writing

Editor/Publisher Dave Chesney



Friday February 17, 2023

Death Angels

February 17, 2023

Death Angels

I wanted to start this little ran by saying “Death Angels you know what I mean, you have seen them around town.”  But then I realized the whole point of this editorial is WE CAN’T SEE THEM until it is almost always too late.

I call people walking at night fully dressed in black, Death Angels.  In my mind appropriately named as they seem to be hell bent on checking out of this world on the front end of my vehicle.  Don’t think for a minute it is just young people.  Far from it, young, middle aged and seniors all seemingly are oblivious to the fact on black,rainy foggy nights they are playing Russian roulette with their lives. 

It seems that not a week goes by that I don’t  jump right out of my skin when all of a sudden a walker, cyclist, runner, scooter driver appears out of the shadows, *normally at an intersection” fully clothed head to toe in the darkest clothing they could pull out of the closet.  I think it is a miracle the emergency crews are not picking them up by the dozens in our fair city.

So if  as you were reading this, and you thought “Hey that’s me” please do yourself and all of us drivers a big favour.  Get some kind of reflective markings on your clothing or use a flashlight (most have iphones and they have one built in) just do something anything to let us know you are lurking in the shadows.  Oh yes and one final thing.  When the crosswalk DON’T WALK hand comes up, hold up even if you see you have some time left.  As drivers we are trying to watch out for you, but when you bolt out of the shadows like Olympic runner Ben Johnson you make it almost impossible to lock up the car as we try to miss you.

Now before I get down on my soapbox, can I get one more thing off my mind?  Thank you.

When walking through grocery store parking lots, please please please understand when a peaked vehicle has its back up lights on, we are backing up and we can’t possible see you if you are walking along the vehicles right beside us.  At the very least walk right down the middle of the roadway between parked cars.  It would be nice if all shopping centres had walkways between the parked cars like they provide at Walmart and Superstore.  But with that said I still regularly have to hit the binders because someone has walked right behind the car, appearing out of nowhere.

Be safe.

David Chesney




Friday January 28, 2023

Yell It Like It Is

Mind Mind Is Going Through Them Changes

David Chesney/Publisher

This week's major announcement.

Postmedia Network Canada Corp Cuts 11% of their editorial staff.

The media company, which owns more than 130 brands including the National Post, Vancouver Sun & The Province newspapers, announced the cuts at an employee town hall. “There’s no question that we are in an existential fight for our lives,” said acting senior vice-president of editorial Gerry Nott, according to a recording obtained by The Globe and Mail. “I do think that we’re transforming … It’s clear to me that we need to hasten the speed.”

Before I go off the deep end, may I ask you when was the last time you bought a newspaper?

For me it has been years.  Now and then I will find a copy of THE VANCOUVER SUN and or THE PROVINCE newspaper someone has left on the bus or in a coffee shop.  I  used to pick it up and thumb through it, but  that stopped a couple of years back.  

See for many years working in  and in conjunction with media outlets, I used to know most of the reporters, columnists and the editorial staff.  Slowly systematically as  media outlets changed hands and amalgamated I lost track of who even owns the local newspapers, television stations and radio stations.

Let me state I “used to” love reading our local newspapers, and that certainly included our community newspapers for news more directly dealing with events and news in our local communities.  I still read the PEACE ARCH NEWS and SURREY NOW regularly to ensure The White Rock Sun is not missing any major news stories happening in our backyard.  I count ALEX BROWNE of the Peace Arch News and TOM ZILLICH of the SURREY NOW as friends.  I have known and respected these two seasoned veterans for decades.

When it comes to the daily newspapers I do find myself watching  their decline somewhat like when we slow down due to an accident on the side of the road.

We now have so many options to get our news.  We don;t have to wait until 6 p.m. to see what TONY PARSON/BCTV has to say.  There is no anticipation of grabbing the daily newspapers to read about a news story we have an interest in., or perhaps an editorial comment on a topic that interests us.

I have a friend who subscribes to the New York Times.  His weekend ritual is to prop himself up in his bed with a cup of tea and work his way through the extensive copy in the paper.  Myself a few years back  I was picking up some milk @ HOWE’S MARKET  when I looked down and saw a  stack of the GLOBE AND MAIL.  I thought to myself, “Well it is a rainy Sunday maybe I will curl up with the paper and kill a couple of hours.  I placed the paper on the counter and Jaspar said “That will be $2.75”  You could have pushed me over with a feather.  I was stunned that newspapers had increased that much in such a short period of time.  

Growing up in the wilds of North Surrey, like a lot of kids I had a paper route for the Vancouver Sun.

Are there even any paperboys left?  Surely not one riding his bicycle up and down the streets and lanes.  Now adults in need of some extra cash drive around the Semiahmoo Peninsula under the cover of dark in their cars.

Why would one bother.  We can read EVERY newspaper around the world for FREE on the internet. The challenge for media outlets is how to monetize (make money) from the digital world. Below is an image of the decline of revenue for the conventional paper paper vs online news.

Old Habits Die Hard.

David Chesney


Friday January 20, 2023

Hockey Night In White Rock


A couple of Sunday back I picked up a pair of tickets to see the Surrey Eagles of the BCHL take on the Coquitlam Express.  The game time for Sundays is 4 p.m.  A perfect time to take the family out to see a game, and to get home for Sunday dinner.

As I walked into the arena from the parking lot I noticed numerous parents with their children in tow heading for  the South Surrey arena.  One could feel the excitement.  The recent World Junior Hockey tournament in the Maritimes had obviously transferred down to the attendance to the home games for the Surrey Eagles.

There are so many pluses to seeing a local hockey game.

  1. Affordable.  A family of 4 (2 adults 2 children) tickets under $50.00

  2. Free parking

  3. Easy travel time for White Rock and South Surrey

  4. ‘Snack bar with affordable prices

  5. Beer (White Rock Beach Beer) and wine sales for Mom and Dad

  6. Special promotions whereby after the game on some select evenings the kids can bring their own skates and skate with the Eagles players following the game.

It has been years since I went to a Canucks game, and judging by the hammering they are receiving for their poor play this season it will be years before I darken the doorway of Rogers arena anytime soon.  Speaking of which I logged into the Canucks ticket sales just to see what the prices were these days.  I was shocked to say the least.  The upper blue seats at Rogers Arena run roughly $200.00 per seat.  IN the lower bowl (the reds) tickets on average are $500.00.  How the heck can you afford to take even one child out to see a game with a minimum ticket price for two tickets before parking etc etc. would run you over $1,000.00.

We are killing most sports futures by pricing the games right out of reach for kids to attend..  Not just hockey, baseball is not much better though it is closer to be somewhat affordable. 

In addition to the Surrey Eagles of the BCHL playing out of the South Surrey Arena we also have exciting hockey action over at Centennial Arena when the White Rock Whalers  of  Pacific Junior League are in town.  Owner Ronnie Patterson a former member of the Canadian National Team in 1980 ensure the hockey night experience is fun family entertainment from the time you walk into the arena.

(when accompanied by an adult)

The Whalers are in town tonight and The Eagles return from their current road trip for a game back at the South Surrey arena next Sunday January 29 4 p.m. game time.

Hockey Night In White Rock – HOCKEY YOU CAN’T AFFORD (To Miss)

David Chesney/Publisher

Surrey Eagles website (click here)

White Rock Whalers website (click here)


Friday December 13, 2023

ELVIS IS DEAD……and I don’t feel so good myself



Did you lose a loved one, friend, business associate or someone close to you pass away over the Christmas holidays?

Well welcome to the ever growing club.  I imagine there has been studies done on how many individuals take that Rainbow Bridge during the holidays.  Not knowing, having never been there perhaps they simply think, this is a good time to go.  Let my friends enjoy the holidays and be able to stop worrying about me.  Perhaps too simple.

I feel awful.  I cannot count the number of times I said to myself “I have to pick up the phone and call Tom today.”  “Something” always seemed to come up and I put it off thinking oh I can do it tomorrow.  Tomorrow never came, but Christmas day came and a professional peer and a dear friend TOM HARRISON left this world.

The reason I write bout this today is not to add to the ever growing tribute to Tom.  It is to kick myself in the ass and tell myself to smarten up.  In this life I will not have the opportunity to hear his voice and to have a long lingering lunch.

The tributes have poured in from far and wide.  HARRISON was not simply revered only on the Westcoast.  He was a music legend from coast to coast.  International pop stars like BRYAN ADAMS and SARAH MCLACHLAN have been quick to point out how TOM was one of their original supporters long before they were household names.

I called TOM all to infrequently.  But I will cherish those conversations.  The last time I saw TOM in person was a number of years ago when I was asked by ROD DRANFIELD  from the WRBS (White Rock Blues Society) to judge one of the Blues Challenge final competitions.  I was happy to help and when Rod asked if I knew of anyone else that may sit on the judge’s panel I immediately thought of TOM.  Having judged more than my fair share of talent show with TOM I knew he would be great and we could have  nice visit.  The finals were at the Admiral hotel in Vancouver and I made arrangements to pick Tom up as he had not been driving for years after suffering a stroke at his home in Burnaby.  I will cherish that memory.

In closing I urge you to please please please pick up that phone, not a MSG on Facebook, not an email, a person to person conversation.  I will always carry this regret.  Nothing I can do but learn from it.
Learn from it I have, I have been busy taking a few minutes each evening or morning to pick that ________damn phone up and simply say “Hello my friend” the rest is easy.


David Chesney







December 15, 2022

Yell It Like It Is

I love Christmas, always have, hopefully always will.

I love Christmas for a myriad of reasons. I intend on carrying on the tradition of Christmas card sending until they take me out of here feet first. It was such an integral part of growing up. A month or so before Christmas my mother would purchase Christmas cards that would be left on the dining room table for all of us to sign. Normally my mother and father took the time to write a letter that would be inserted into each card. An individual letter personalized to the recipient. Not one of those Dear_____ how are you; Nope that wasn't how Peggy and Joe rolled.

The cards were shipped out in plenty of time to get them to the recipients who were mainly living in Canada. But in those days because so many people sent cards you had to get them out in time to get them clear across the dominion. Then we would wait. The routine was my Dad would be at work and my sister and I would be at school. So when the daily Christmas card bounty arrived my mother would open the cards and carefully place them on the table so as we arrived home we could sit down and look at the cards, letters and sometimes even pictures. Once the cards were dutifully read, my mother would put up string around the living room and dining room and hang the cards on the string to display them around the room near the top of the walls. Once Christmas was over it was up to my mother to carefully take the cards down and ensure we had the addresses for all the cards in the "big tally" Christmas list book.

Another thing I love about Christmas is the thoughtfulness of people. Giving to the Food Bank and or helping a church group feed the hungry or a myriad of other kind gestures pouring forth at Christmas time. I would like to see this sense of giving to our fellow man spread out through the year, but for the time being I am thankful it happens at least once a y

I come from a small family, just the 4 of us. But quite often my mother and father would have friends and their families join us for Christmas dinner. I personally love stuffing. Heck I would cook a turkey just to have the stuffing. I distinctly remember though one year my mother decided she would go off format and make the stuffing from a recipe if Readers Digest. It called for wild rice, rolled oats and god knows what else. When it hit the table I (we) were horrified. "Mom what is happening with this stuffing? Well dear I just though maybe you were getting tired of the same old stuffing recipe" NO! Thankfully it was a one shot affair for Mom bending the culinary rules of The Chesney household.

So to you and yours I wish you a very very Merry Christmas and a healthy and happy New Year.




Two more quick thoughts. If you do get a Christmas card from me, please don't call or email me and say "Hey I got your card today, wow that is so cool"

Send one back.

And....Christmas presents are to be opened on Christmas morning after Santa has visited. Not on Christmas eve. No exceptions. Don't make me come over there.


December 10, 2022

Yell It Like It Is

Things I Love About White Rock

  • the smell of the ocean, the seagulls squawking overhead

  • the beautiful eagles that sit in what I call “The Eagle Tree” on Marine Drive at the top of the hump

  • Late at night the  lone lonesome moaning whistle of the BNSF rail train rolling through town.

  • Thrift Shops.  I know a lot of people living in White Rock think the second hand stores we have are a blight on our city by the sea.  I tend to differ on that front.  There is virtually not a week goes by that I do not pop into one or two of the thrift shops and make a low level pass through.  You just never know what treasure you are going to find that you didn’t know you needed.

  • I love running into  newly arrived residents to White Rock.  They don’t equate White Rock to the “good old days”  they just see it for the beauty it beholds now.  That is with the exception of highrises who they all seem to wonder HOW THE HELL DID THIS HAPPEN?

  • BLUE FROG STUDIOS.  I get a charge out of watching first time visitors walk through the front door and look around, and marvel at how beautiful the facility is.  Then they walk into the theatre portion and they are absolutely blown away.   The performance studio was feted recently for its contribution to the arts by the Surrey Board of Trade.  Rightfully so.  Damn we are lucky.

  • The Cruise.  Nothing better than to sit down in front of the museum on Marine Drive and watch the rolling custom hot rod show pass back and forth along the waterfront restaurants.

  • fish n chips from CONEY ISLAND eaten at a picnic table on the promenade, watching the sun set.

  • Dovetailing with watching THE CRUISE is sitting on any of the many patios as the sun is setting into the Pacific and watching our Semiahmoo Bay turn into a TONI ONLEY painting.

  • The incredible collection of local photographers that share their photos daily with us.  I use a photo everyday in the White Rock Sun, just to remind us all of how beatitude our home city is.

  • The people.  They are what defines our city for me at the end of the day.  I have made my home here for over 40 years.  Many of the “oldtimers” have moved on, in more ways than one.

    - Laura's Coffee Corner. Truly the "heartbeat" of our community. Where everyone knows yhour name. Laura could give lessons to many of the other businesses in our City by the Sea. 

So maybe, just maybe today  instead of looking for the flaws in our city, look at our city  with a different look.  Think about the last tie you had someone come to visit you that had not been here for years, or perhaps never.  What did they say?

Make it your mantra this Christmas Season

David Chesney



November 18, 2022

Things  In White Rock That Bug Me

  • the constant complaining about high-rises in White Rock.  No matter how many times you click your heels they are not going away.

  • people that walk behind your vehicle when you are backing up in a parking lot.  You can see me, I can’t see you.  Case closed.\

  • servers in restaurant that don’t realize we are not going to meet the owner or the chef.  The dining experience starts and finishes with the server at the table’s edge.

     - residents that turn up at council meetings to take advantage of QUESTION PERIOD that was reintroduced by the previous council.  Will it continue?  Probably but at the very least I would like to see the resident identify “What their question is…” when sitting down at the table in the council chambers.

  • People that somehow are able to take up at least 2 parking spots when they park parallel in White Rock.  The city is slowly at the very least marking exact parking spots in the uptown retail area.  What about in front of apartments in the uptown area?

  • loud pipes on cars and motorcycles.  Self explanatory if you live in White Rock.

  • drivers on their cellphones merrily checking their emails at stop  lights as the colour turns from red to green to amber and back to red.

  • People that park illegally on our waterfront and never seem to get ticketed.  What part of 15 minute parking clearly marked is confusing ladies and gentlemen?

  • expanding on that theme stop driving along Marine Drive doing 5 mph as your passenger window shops or decides which restaurant looks like a good place to eat.

  • local restaurants that close on holidays and don’t open for breakfast until 9 or 10 a.m.  When questioned about this malady often the owners will say “Well I have a life and a family too”  If that is the case I  think it might be time to consider another line of work.  Being closed when everyone is off work makes no sense to me.

  • People complaining we have too many Thrift stores in White Rock.  To listen to them it cheapens our town?  I will publicly admit I have shopped  in the SUPERFLUITY store on Roper for over three decades.  I love it.  Critics might also want to check the parking lot of these venues these days.  BMW’s / Range Rovers / Jaguars and Tesla’s are a common site.

I could go on and on and on.  Today I will encounter at least one of the above “bugs me” 

Just hoping it is only one.


David Chesney



Friday November 11, 2022

Yell It Like It Is

NOVEMBER 11, 2022


I was somewhat taken back when I saw the first ABC sticker near Semiahmoo Mall.  I have to admit it didn’t surprise me in that I knew of a movement headed up by a pair of  two white Rock residents prior to the election who had badmouthed me around town and on social media. I was surprised ELECTIONS BC had no comment on this type of election influencing. The City of White Rock was lock step in line with ELECTIONS BC and without either showing any kind of opposition to this type of candidate smearing, there was no hope the RCMP would become involved.

In fact one of the gentlemen publicly declared they would be working hard to ensure CHESNEY was run out of city hall.

I think I have a pretty thick skin having weathered 8 years in public office, but I must admit something as dirty as this campaign stings a tad.  

A close friend heard about the sticker campaign and reached out to me saying “Well it looks like you are pissing off the right people.”     That has never been my intention but I am well aware I have in the past and will continue to be a stick in the spokes of the greed-heads in White Rock who want to do nothing more than fill their bank accounts with filthy lucre, as they destroy our beautiful City by the Sea.

The ABC sticker campaign is not unique, perhaps slightly more visible than other attacks on me.  It is not totally unique to me either.  A number of candidates across the Lower Mainland suffered similar attack ads.  Most have chosen to simply ignore the efforts of detractors who for personal reasons want to campaign against said candidate.  There is a line of thinking that by promoting this type of low life activity, it will simply inspire others to do the same in the future.

At the end of the day inadvertently the ABC campaign may have swing votes towards me as opposed.  You see the public is not thrilled with this type of American made negative attack ads.  It backfires.

I had two pat answers when people asked me about the stickers during the campaign.

  1. BABE RUTH the great New York Yankee baseball player was asked by a report one day “Babe, does it bother you when you are playing on the road and the hometown crowds boos you?”  Babe pondered the question for a moment before replying “No not really, you see they don’t boo 200 hitters”

  2. My Second reply  I toyed with using at our public swearing in ceremony on Monday evening.   










November 04, 2022

O Canada - Lest We Forget

For the past week I have been doing my civic duty by selling poppies at various locations on the Semiahmoo Peninsula. 

This year  the volunteer database of volounteers for Legion #8 on Johnston road, has been decimated by COVID related illnesses and in some cases death. 

I volunteer because we must never forget the horror of war.  I do not have any personal references, and for that matter, outside of a few Hollywood movies and old vintage film reels, I have no point of reference of the true life horror of war.

My father served his country during the second world war.  He never traveled to the battlefields of Europe, instead due to his technical ability he was stationed in Bella Coola as a wireless operator.  His outfit was created to monitor the movement of ships and aircraft over the Pacific ocean to ensure there would be no sneak attacks on Canada.

My father never ever ever talked about “The War.”  Judging from conversations I have had with poppy purchasers, that would seem to be the norm.  Mothers and fathers of those still living and purchasing a poppy in memory, all seem to have the same recollection.  They never talked about it.

WE are so fortunate here in Canada.  All of the wars have been “Away Wars” by that I mean the wars were never fought at our place, our country.   Instead the wars were fought in lands far far away.

I have been conducting my own private survey while selling poppies.  I have come to a couple of conclusions.  It would appear young people have little or no knowledge what Remembrance Day is held for.  In the best case scenario it might be their great grandfather that would have fought in the war, and the odds of him still being with us are incredibly slim.

The other conclusion is a natural observation.  I encounter most “New Canadians” simply looking at the poppies and my little tray of goodies, with indifference.  A natural reaction, how and why would they know the storied history of Canada celebration Remembrance Day.

It makes me wonder how we can “forget” if  we never “knew.”

See you on November 11 @ 11 a.m. outside of White Rock city hall for the 2022 Remembrance Day celebration. 

David Chesney




Friday October 21, 2022

Yell It Like It Is

The 2022 Civic Election cycle is now complete.

The Monday Morning Quarterbacks will have a heyday with the White Rock and Surrey election results.


With over 56 candidates for 8 councillor positions it must have been an daunting experience to scroll through that list of names. It is hard to judge who did what if anything in Surrey. There seemed to be very few election sings posted through out Surrey. At least compared to White Rock.

The pundits figured the vote would be split and split it was. While incumbent mayor DOUG MCCALLUM and BRENDA LOCKE staged a very public battle and war of words, White Rock's GORDIE HOGG put up some very impressive numbers. The race was close enough with just under a thousand votes separating MCCALUM and mayoral elect BRENDA LOCKE, MCCALLUM publicly conceded defeat the night of the election. Within 24 hours after a consultation with his team, McCALLUM called a press conference and announced he would be requesting a recount. Officials have not made a ruling whether or not that recount would happen. Strangely enough DOUG MCCALLULM told a local cashier in a South Surrey store last night that "He lost, yes he lost?" Earth to Doug.

If the results stay the way they were announced Saturday night LOCKE will be the new mayor of Surrey. Enough of LOCKE'S team secured seats on council giving them control of city hall with the majority of the votes.



Incumbent mayor DARRYL WALKER lost out his bid to return for a second term as a direct result of vote splitting. ERIKA JOHANSON and SCOTT KRISTJANSON both threw their hat in the ring for the mayor's chair. When the dust cleared and the votes were counted former city councillor MEGAN KNIGHT emerged victorious.

On the councillor front the upset most people are talking about. Incumbents ANTHONY MANNING and CHRISTPHER TREVEYLAN ran as pair of candidates. When the votes were counted CHRISTOPHER TREVEYLAN topped the polls with the largest number of votes, while MANNING was shut out of his seat back on council. The difference in the numbers the two candidates pulled in was about 1,000 votes. So how could that be? Well some are saying the first time candidate Lindsay MANNING pulled in about 1,000 votes despite doing very little on the campaign. When the list of how the names would be posted on the official ballot, based on a public drawing of names Lindsay MANNING was awarded the top spot while Anthony MANNING was well down the list of candidates on the official voting sheet. Did the name confusion cause Anthony MANNING to lose his seat on council?

Given White Rock does not have any clearly identified alliances (with the exception of CHRISTPHER TREVEYLAN) and I, only time will tell how the new council can work together.

Fingers, arms and legs crossed.

David Chesney




Friday October 14, 2022 

Yell It Like It Is

What is wrong with our current voting system? 



Political Contributions

Under our current system candidates running for election or re-election do not have to reveal who has made contributions to their political campaigns, until AFTER the election has been completed. Talk about closing the barn door after the horses have got out.

Locally in 2014 a group of individuals running under the banner of THE COALTION collected $90,000.00 dollars from land developers. This is not a malady limited to White Rock and Surrey, the first campaign contributors to surface in most Lower Mainland and outlying cities, are developers. To put that number in perspective most civic campaigns hover somewhere around $3 - $8,000.00.

It will be interesting when the dust clears in this civic election, to see who contributed heavily to certain candidates campaign funds. Would it not be advantageous for voters to know who is underwriting a candidates campaign?


Online Voting 

In today's fully wired technological world there really is no reason we could not have online voting. The big push back from all political parties is it would negatively impact their ability to move their supporting voters to the polls in massive numbers. The Federal elections draw the largest voter turnout, and it hovers around 50%. That means if we moved to online voting the great unwashed or 50% of the eligible voters that are not registered as supporters of certain parties would greatly impact the outcome of the election results. No parties want over 50% of the great unwashed factoring into the election results.


Compulsory Voting

In a past life I was an instructor at a private college. A number of the students were from Australia. It was panic in needle park on voting day. They had to get online and vote. Failure to do so, would mean when they arrived back home down under, when their name came up on the computer as they were trying to enter their homeland, it would indicate they had not voted, and they best have $200.00 on them to pay the fine, or they would be sitting in the airport until a friend or family member turned up with the money.

Similar to the above online voting above, this form of voting brings a tremendous amount of individuals into the voting pool that no one party controls. In my humble opinion this is the reason we, and as you can see most countries will not support ONLINE voting.


All Candidate Meetings

Normally the supposed ALL CANDIDATE MEETINGS are hosted by a service group in the community. Under the current system the order of the speakers and the questions for the candidates are controlled by the event organizer.

Myself I would support putting a microphone at the back of the hall and have the line form at the right. Individuals would step up to the microphone and say "I have this question for candidate so and so." It might take more than one night to get through all the questions, but what the heck, this is an important part of the election campaign that no one wishes to adhere to. Most often these events turn out to be well organized based on the desired outcome of the said service organization is hosting the event.

Over the years individual candidates have tried to orchestrate a more open style of all candidates meetings. The inherent problem is when it is hosted by a single candidate, the tone and direction of the meeting is focused towards their own particular passionate topics.

I want the Wild Wild West. Bring back Holler for a Dollar!


With all of this said and done, I urge you to exercise your God given right in this free country to vote. Please remember to vote tomorrow (October 15) the locations for voting in Surrey and White Rock are listed below in our ELECTION SECTION.

Without sounding over dramatic there are people in this world literally dying to have the right to vote. 

It's up to you to have YOUR voice heard. Say it loud - say it proud.

David Chesney / Editor/Publisher


SEPTEMBER 30, 2022

On Saturday October 15 - YOU the residents of White Rock will be asked who YOU would like to see govern OUR CITY BY THE SEA for the next four years.

I think I am in a unique position to share some insight on the 4 individuals that are running for Mayor of White Rock.

I have served four years on council with all the current candidates seeking your support to send them back to city hall for 4 more years.

For the past 4 years I have sat on a council with three of the candidates, MAYOR Darryl WALKER,  COUNCILLORS Scott Kristjanson and Erika Johanson

 My first term 2014-2018 I sat on a council with mayoral candidate MEGAN KNIGHT.


SCOTT KRISTJANSON was a valued critic of council during the 2014-2018.  KRISTJANSON often locked horns with former mayor WAYNE BALDWIN.  Through is online portal of NO MORE HIGHRISES IN WHITE ROCK Scott strongly positioned himself as an opponent to the runaway highrise development during the 2014-2018 term of council.  KRISTJANSON to me is like a Bosa tower on roller skates.  His presence in any room and most certainly has an impact as well as on council is undeniable.  I was surprised then Scott threw his hat into the ring for the mayor’s chair.  I never saw that one coming.


ERIKA JOHANSON came to power for the 2018-2022 version of council along with 4 other members of the electoral party DEMOCRACY DIRECT.  Councillor Fathers and I were the only two councillors that were independents that were elected.  I don’t remmebr the exact moment it happened but roughly a year ago JOHANSON broke ranks with the majority of Democracy Direct and took it upon herslef to ram head on into city staff as well as being in constant opposition to Mayor WALKER and the majority of council.  Erika became very vocal about how the city was being run and how she felt she was being treated.  So much so she launched a court case against the city of White Rock for being bullyied which is still pending.  The outcome of which we will not know until after the election, if then.  There is a heavy legal bill JOHANSON faces win lose or draw.

Megan Knight As previoulsy mentioned I  endured 4 very difficult years on the council 2014-2018 under the iron fisted rule of WAYNE BALDWIN and a slate of 4 members of THE COALITION.  Again Councillor Fathers and I were the odd independent councillors out.   I spent 4 years wondering at times why I was even attending the council meetings.  Literally every single vote with a couple minor exceptions, the vote for every single item on the agenda went down 5-2 with Fathers and I on the outside.  Try as we might Fathers and I had to vocally oppose that council as it apporved  many highrsies, some have not even started and some are currently still being built.  Two of that developer friendly councillors (MEYERS & LAWRENCE) are also back hoping you have a short memory.  But back to MEGAN.  Through that entire 4 year term from hell I will give MEGAN credit that she at least acted civily towards me.  She would actually say hello to me when I entered a room.  Small consolation, but noted just the same.  I am not confident MEGAN is  not in favour of more highrises.  In a recent interview in the Peace Arch News MEGAN publicly stated WAYNE BALDWIN taught her how to look at each development application by itself.  Well when you have taken tens of thousands of dollars for your election campaign (THE COALTION) it was difficult for MEGAN to break ranks.  In fact she was in lock step like the rest of the Coalition.

Finally this brings us to the incumbent mayor Darryl Walker

When Democracy Direct was elected the late councillor HELEN FATHERS and I looked at each other and said “Four more years of block voting?”  Thankfully that was never the case, in fact their voting record was all over the place.  I personally appreciated their individuality.  When WALKER was elected I learned he was the former head of the BCGEU (British Columbia Government  Employees Union)  I anticipated strong leadership.  I did not see that.  I believe if there is one fault I had with Mayor WALKER was he let council find their own way.  With 5 new members of council in my humble opinion I only wish Mayor WALKER had placed a stronger hand on the tiller.  I quickly learned DARRYL WALKER is a fine human being, and I predeict no matter what the outcome of the election is, I will be proud to call DARRYL WALKER a friend.  I know his history here in White Rock and I do believe his vision is very similar to mine.  I am there is the impression out there that DARRYL went against his election promises and has approved development that is contrary to the wishes of the majority of residents in White Rock. Not true. His heart is in the right place.  We have locked horns on a number of occasions in the council chambers, sometimes, finished up in private in his office, but at the end of the day I could stand up and shake his hand and move on with the  job of governing our beautiful city.

If I have not made it patenlty clear, I will be supporting DARRYL WALKER’S  campaign to return to the mayor’s chair.  I am hoping  I am also elected to a third term.  I honestly believe WALKER, myself, councillors MANNING and TEVEYLAN (who I also publicly supporting) can do wonderful things with another four more years at city hall.

On Tuesday October 04 there will be an ALL CANDIDATES meeting at our community centre in uptown White Rock.  I am hopeful we will have a standing room only crowd out.  You will have the opportunity to hear the 4 mayoral candidates out forth their positions for one hour at the start of the 7 p.m. meeting, followed by a drive by shooting of all the  hopeful councillors.




David Chseney



September 02, 2022


Unless you have been in a coma or in solitary confinement for the past month, you no doubt heard, read, saw LISA LA FLAMME the late night news host on CTV was shown the door, axed, terminated – fired.

The spin on this story is unbelievable.  Was it a case of ageism?  Perhaps a case of gender?  Or choose any one of the dozens of other excuses that have been floated out there by the media and the public in general.

I don't believe for one minute it was anything other than the financial considerations.  According to reliable sources LAFLAMME  was making $750,000.00 a year.  Now let that sink in for just a minute.  For discussion purposes here is what our Prime Minister makes - As leader of Canada, Trudeau's salary adds up to $357,800 a year. That includes a base salary of $178,900 for his role as Member of Parliament for Papineau, and another $178,900 for his gig as PM. On top of that, he receives an annual $2,000 car allowance

Having worked in the Canadian media industry for some 30 odd years, I have seen the once proud and professional industry become a pale comparison of itself.  A decade ago I pulled the plug on cable, so to be very honest I have only seen the aforementioned MS. LAFLAMME a couple of times.  What I have seen more than a couple of times is a friend or former colleague has publicly stated they are no longer employed as their media employer “Is going in a different direction”  The catch all phrase for clean out your desk.

The tribal drums are already beating loudly LAFLAMME’S replacement will make $100,000.00 a year.  Well that will certainly help the bottom line and please the shareholders.  Media has desperately trying to regain its glory years when they were the only option.  Thanks to or because of the internet traditional media has had its asses kicked from here to Cornerbook and back.

The tact that has been taken to try to turn it into an age or race item is sickening.  Just a futile attempt to stir the pot of emotions.  Had CTV come clean about her wage there would be no public outcry, no day after day media discussion, no side taking no tears.

I can't even venture what the payout for LAFLAMME (CTV employee of 35 years) would have been after all these years.  Probably somewhere in the range of 10 years salary for the average Canadian.  And wait for it.  With all this attention some other media outlet will pick her up. 

I also don’t buy LAFLAMME’S assertion she had many more stories she wanted to tell.  Like she come up with the news.  She READS it period!

Yes media in general is going in a different direction, STRAIGHT DOWN THE TOILET!


David Chesney


NOTE: The LISA LAFLAMMER pity party is already starting to turn.

Click here to read the story in the NATIONAL POST yesterday




August 19, 2022

Pictured here is the group who have the seats and control Surrey council.


How many of his supporters can YOU NAME?


Election /  Silly Season

Every city in British Columbia will go to the polls in October to elect a group of individuals to govern the community  for the coming 4 years.

Generally speaking the elections will occur with little or no fan fair.  The civic elections have the lowest turnout of voters  as compared to Provincial and Federal elections.   One exception for the lack of interest is the city of Surrey.

The current reigning group of elected officials were all elected back in 2018 were all members of SAFE SURREY slate.  The exception to the rule is councillor LINDA ANNIS. The platform SAFE SURREY was elected on was to replace the RCMP in Surrey with a local police force.   The seats in city hall were barely warm before a massive split occurred.  Councillors BRENDA LOCKE and JACK HUNDIAL though supportive initially of a private police force for Surrey, once the numbers started to come out both councillors broke away and have spent the last number of years at odds with Mayor DOUG MCCALLUM and the rest of SAFE SURREY electoral group.

If you spend anytime on social media you no doubt have seen the attack ads against BRENDA LOCKE who has announced she will be running for mayor.  There are no less than 5 candidates running for the Mayor’s chair, including incumbent DOUG MCCALLUM who is confident he has the support of a silent majority in the city.

It would appear at this point in the fledgling campaign SAFE SURREY is directing their focus on keeping BRENDA LOCKE out of the mayor’s chair.  LOCKE has constructed a slate of candidates for council under the banner of SURREY CONNECT.  Their main platform for the election campaign will be to scrap the private Surrey Police and secure a long future for the RCMP.  Is is possible?  BRENDA LOCKE thinks so.

Surrey mayoral candidate Brenda Locke is sticking to her vow in 2021 that if she’s elected mayor in October, with sufficient support on council, the Surrey Police Service will not replace the Surrey RCMP.
“Absolutely we’re going to stop the transition in its tracks and we will be reversing it,” she told the Now-Leader recently, echoing the pledge she made during her candidacy launch at Bear Creek Park last July to bring Canada’s largest policing transition to a “screeching halt.”
“There is no good argument for this. I have still not heard one,” she said of transitioning to the SPS. “We’re doing this without a plan, without a feasibility study.

There are now 5 declared candidates for City of Surrey mayor.  The big fear by those that want MCCALUM out, is with all these candidates the vote will be split  left right and centre perhaps allowing MCCALUM to rise to power and sit as Surrey’s mayor for another 4 years.
Until then we can expect to be constantly hammered by negative ads against BRENDA LOCKE.  So far the only candidate MCCALLULMS SAFE SURREY ruling power on council seems to be worried about is BRENDA LOCKE.

LOCKE should wear their negativity as a badge of honour.

David Chesney




Friday June 17, 2022

Why Is It Only I Can See.........


  1. Constant flagrant abuse of the NO DOGS on the promenade and pier?

  2.  Construction workers parking in the NO PARKING for trades parking?

  3. Speeders totally ignoring the 30kmh speed limit on Johnston road?

  4. We hand out a number of Food Vendor licenses for the promenade, and only a couple come.  If they do happen to come why set up @ 2 p.m. on a sunny weekend day?  Use it or lose it!

  5. Dozens of Buskers Licenses are issued annually.  I can count on one hand the 5 buskers I see on a regular basis, once again use it or lose it!

  6. Both sections of our waterfront (east & west beach) have QUIET ZONE signs posted.  Hourly during the good weather motorcycles with straight pipes roar back and forth.  Have you ever seen anyone tickets?

  7.  Restaurants along Marine Drive posting advertising banners on the fronts of their patios.  Until I bring it to someone;s attention, NOTHING!

  8. Planters along Johnston Road that have deteriorated into garbage cans?

  9. Dogs on the beach?

  10.  Motorcycles in the NO PARKING space by Memorial Park and parked in spaces that are not even parking spots on the waterfront..  No tickets?

  11.  Motorcycles parked illegally outside of the West Beach Bar and Grill and no tickets are ever issued?

  12. Residents that turn up at council and pretend they have a question for council, only to use Question & Answer PEriod as a Let's Hammer Council session?

David Chesney

Publisher Editor


Friday June 10, 2022

Roy Hennessy

Good morning, good morning the best to you each morning HE double N, E double S Y Hennesy's his name.

The morning jingle Roy played daily on his morning show on CKLG.

Before I launch you down this trip down Memory Lane listening to “The Real” ROY HENNESSY please read the following retrospective of one of the true icons of Vancouver Radio History.

Roy Norman Hennessy, the larger-than-life veteran radio broadcaster who got his start at CKOK in Penticton, died Tuesday in Toronto at the age of 80.

Hennessy’s obituary states: “Gone! created and insisted upon by Roy Hennessy himself. Cremation has taken place and a private family gathering will be held in Vancouver at a later date. Donations may be made to a charity of choice."

What follows is taken from Jim “JJ” Johnston’s Facebook “JJ-365 Salutes” Facebook series,

(click here for the historical lead up)


So now that you have read the back story on Roy’s radio career, let me share a personal insight into the man, the myth.

Roy hired me to handle the music director/promotion director duties shortly after he moved over to FM/99 (formerly CKLG FM).  The year was 1978.  It was the beginning of a long and wonderful friendship.

Years later after Roy had retired he often made the big trip west from his home in Toronto to visit friends and family.  He would often call me up and say “Hey I’ve rented a car, how about if I drive out to White Rock and we have lunch on the beach?”  Which we did many times.

One particular lunch a pair of Roy’s other friends who lived in White Rock joined us at our favourite lunch spot COSMOS GREEK RESTAURANT ON MARINE DRIVE.  As we settled in for lunch on this particular day, Roy proclaimed loud and proud, “Well it’s official, I am a bastard!”  We all looked at each other knowing Roy’s history and wondered what the heck he meant by this proclamation.  Roy went on to explain on this particular trip out west he had arranged a surprise birthday party for his father who was in his 90’s.  Roy had contacted the retirement home his father was living at in Ladner.

As the story goes Roy had rented the Tsawwassen golf and country club, contacted a limousine company and  the rest home and arranged for the mini buses to pick up the tenants and his father and bring them to the lunch. 

Following his welcome speech and a few anecdotes about him and his father’s history in Ladner, Roy announced lunch would be served shortly, and thanked all for coming to the lunch.  Roy then retired to the side of the banquet room and sidled up to the bar and asked the bartender to draw him a scotch on the rocks.  As he stood there surveying the scene, as Roy explained “I felt a tug on my sports jacket and I looked down and here stood a lovely little old blue hair who looked up at me and said “Oh Roy this is such a wonderful lunch you have arranged for your father.  It is so special special given the fact you are ADOPTED!  Roy for a split second contemplated  what he had just heard and thought, ”Oh I guess this lovely little lady must be confused due to her advancing age.”  He thanked her and turned to pick up his scotch when he felt another tug on his jacket sleeve.  Again Roy turned and lo and behold here was another little old lady who basically parroted what the first lady said.  So special you would do this considering you were adopted.  Huh?  You see Roy had no idea what these 2 ladies were talking about.  As he was driving his father back to the care home he turned to his father and related the two assertions he was adopted.  His father fell silent for a moment and then said to Roy “Yes Roy you were adopted at birth, your mother and I decided we would raise you as our won and decided to that extent we would not tell you that you were adopted.”

So the three of us who collectively probably knew Roy for over  a hundred years all sat there in silence.  I thought for a moment before I said “Well Roy that is an interesting story, you see I am a bastard too.  I was adopted at birth.”  Roy  got a beautiful smile on his face and reached out across the table and shook my hand and said WELCOME TO THE OLD BASTARDS CLUB.  The moment had only just set in when MILES MURCHISON one of the other lunch guesst piped up and said “Make it three I am adopted too.”

…and today I am missing that OLD BASTARD and dear friend Roy Hennessy

Thank you Roy.  For everything.

David Chesney




Friday June 03, 2022



It is strange but for some reason we seem to acknowledge milestones in our lives, usually divisible by the number 5.

Well I  suppose unconsciously we land in that category - because today, we hit the milestone of the White Rock Sun turning the odometer 15 years.  Fifteen years?  Can that be.

It is indeed the 15th anniversary since I pushed the UPLOAD button to publish the first issue of the White Rock Sun, CANADA’S FIRST ILNTERNET NEWSPAPER.  I thank YOU because if you weren’t reading these words I would know I was sadly mistaken on people’s desire to read local news.

Years ago when I was a independent contributor to Surrey’s NOW NEWSPAPER with my “Canada Calling” entertainment column, I can distinctly remember the publisher of the day pining on how if they could just get the public to pay 25 cents for each issue of the paper, the bottom line would shine bright.  In those days the published circulation of the paper was something like 40,000 copies distributed twice a week in the footprint of Surrey and White Rock.

The rub here though was, the news group could certainly  state the fact they did in fact print up 40,000 copies of the paper twice a week.  The problem was how to get them into 40,000 homes.  The solution was to secure non salaried paper delivering system.  Usually young boys looking for a little extra walking around money were the target for “distribution”.  What followed was a constant stream of people calling the office complaining “I didn’t get my paper again this week.”  You see the first rainy day, too cold or too hot day, Little Johnny didn’t feel like distributing the papers.

Enter the internet.  Back in the early 2000’s I was gainfully employed in the music industry, and then along came a little old thing called NAPSTER.  This simple form of technology allowed people to share their musical library with the world FOR FREE. NAPSTER sent the industry reeling.  And it still has not recovered.  It was one thing when we purchased an album and told a friend to come over with a cassette and they could make a copy.  Now we could invite the whole world over to tape the album. 

A similar technology within a short period of time steam rolled over the publishing industry.  Let’s stop here for a moment  and try to remember when we last bought a magazine or paid to purchase a copy of  the Vancouver Sun or Province?   I cannot forecast how much longer the print industry will continue to gasp for air.

What I do know is whether we like it or not, this is the future. 
Thank you for continuing to read and write.  If the good lord is willing and the technology wheel doesn’t rise.  The White Rock Sun will still be going strong for another 15 years.


Davide Chesney





May 19, 2022

It's Deja Vu All OVer Again


The onslaught of high-rises that occurred in White Rock over the past number of years is now spreading throughout the Lower Mainland. Vancouver is in the news these days with their plan to redevelop the Broadway corridor. Currently an underground tunnel is being constructed along the Broadway corridor. Plans are to take advantage of the transportation route to become a residential corridor. METRO VANCOUVER the body that oversees and proposes where development should occur, has for years designated that densification should occur along transportation routes.

Examples include the highrise towers on the Canada Line at SW Marine Drive, as well as the tower clusters on the SKYTRAIN route at Lougheed highway. If you haven't been by Oakridge centre you will be amazed. Currently under construction are too many towers to count.

Vancouver's plan to build desperately needed high-density housing, and why not everyone is on board

City expects 1 million new residents in 30 years and hopes a new subway line can be the key to housing them.

A plan to build highrise towers in an already densely-populated area of B.C.'s largest city is raising questions about how urban centres can be livable and affordable as populations grow rapidly in the coming decades.

With a new subway line being constructed under Broadway, a busy Vancouver street that runs through multiple neighbourhoods, city planners have seized on the opportunity to increase the amount of housing in one of Canada's most expensive cities.

The Broadway Plan calls for existing homes along the line to be replaced with multi-storey towers, able to accommodate up to 50,000 more residents. Mixed-use developments as high as 40 storeys may be allowed near SkyTrain stations while older rental stock, often small 10-unit buildings, could be replaced by housing developments between 15 and 20 storeys.



A 3rd high-rise proposed for 200th Street and 82nd Avenue in Willoughby. 45 Stories. 365 units. A public information meeting is set for Monday, May 16th, at 20018 83A Avenue, 5:30pm to 8:00pm.

What do you think?

The development application was submitted on December 21, 2021. The initial file review by March 25, 2022. Public Information Meeting in May. Here we are again for another tower for Vesta a few months before the next election. Remember, it takes up a year now for a permit for a deck, for you and me, anyway.

I believe that we need to make the most of the 200th Street land we have left. We should encourage development creativity with a mixture of uses. We need to create more housing on our future rapid transit corridors. If we have the political leadership, higher densities per acre helps preserve green space somewhere else.

However, we should treat all developers the same, large and small. We must ensure a fair deal for taxpayers for roads, sidewalks, youth sports and so much more we need to get done. Let's make it happen, but without different processes for different applicants.

Let's have the same, fair approach for all, developers and residents alike.

Langley Township councillor ERIC WOODWARD

I don't even know what to think about Langley Township's idea of a tower town @ Hwy 1 & 200th street. I suppose one could say "Well HWY 1 is a transit corridor) but that puts a ton more cars on the freeway. I can't seem to find and public reaction from the residents of Langley just yet but it is going to be interesting in an election year how the public feels about this major shift in densification. I suppose we will know after the civic election in October.


...and then there is Delta

On Monday, March 28, Delta council voted 4-3 to approve a proposed 29-storey highrise development at the corner of Scott Road and 93A Avenue in North Delta’s Townline neighbourhood. (Penmat Mana JV (Delta) Ltd./City of Delta report image)

North Delta highrise project approved by council

Council voted 4-3 to give the project fourth reading on Monday, March 28

Talk about sticking out like a sore thumb. Could Delta have not slowly integrated some 10 or 15 storey towers as opposed to a giant 29 storey tower right out of the clear blue?

Now don't you get getting all smug sitting back in your recliner looking out at the Salish sea. If you think the developers are not still licking their lips about getting back into White Rock, I have some ocean front property for you in Aldergrove. Mark my words the October civic election should be of a huge concern to all the residents of the Semiahmoo Peninsula. Stay tuned.

David Chesney




May 06, 2022

Should He Stay Or Should He Go?

The civic election right across all the communities in British Columbia will be held on October 15 of this year.

Normally would be candidates begin their election campaigns in earnest right after the labour day weekend in early September.  This is not the case in Surrey  for sure and to a lesser extent here in White Rock.

The big rumour generator of late  is GORDIE HOGG, former White Rock councillor, former mayor of White Rock, MLA for a number of years, and MP on the federal scene, and now if one is to believe the rumours, heading for Mayor of Surrey or White Rock.

Quote From VOICE ON LINE (Voice of the IndoCanadian Community)

FORMER South Surrey-White Rock MP Gordon Hogg, who is also a former White Rock mayor and MLA, confirmed to the VOICE on Tuesday that he has been approached by Surrey First to run for mayor of Surrey.
He added: “I am going to be meeting with them [this coming weekend] and I am not sure what my decision will be as a result of that.”
Asked if he was seriously considering a run, he replied: “I’ve been approached by that group. I have also been approached to consider running for mayor of White Rock and I am meeting with my family this week to see whether or not there’s some type of agreement on that.”

I also was fed a rumour on the weekend GORDIE had approached SURREY CONNECT the electoral group that up to now everyone thought BRENDA LOCKE had a lock on the mayoral bid in October.  The rumour was GORDIE had approcahed SURREY CONNECT to say if BRENDA stepped aside and ran for ac councillor’s seat he would consider heading up that part as mayor?  A quick call to BRENDA LOCKE confirmed there was absolutely no truth to that rumour.

There is a multitude of names being thrown around who may or may not be running for council up in Surrey.  Given the high profile (for all the wrong reasons) of Mayor DOUG MCCALUM and his SAFE SURREY coalition it isn’t surprising everyone is coming out of the woodwork and floating out the idea they are running for mayor up in Surrey.

Down south here in White Rock the rumour mill is also spinning at full speed ahead.  For months the seedy underbelly of our community has been whispering about a former mayor of White Rock collecting a group of disgruntled citizens to form a party to, in their words, TAKE BACK CITY HALL.

Rumoured to be fully funded by developers who are far from being finished their work in our “city by the sea”, the collection of ne’ere do wells has been driving hard to the net to secure GORDIE HOGG as their mayoral candidate.  Totally unconfirmed it is my belief if this group comes out of the shadows they will run on a banner of “SENSIBLE DEVELOPMENT.”  If elected they will shrug off highrise opposition by saying “Well, it made sense to us!”

I consider GORDIE HOGG a friend.  I approached GORDIE  with the rumour of meeting with this group back in January, and he did confirm he listened to what they had to say but told them he was not going to make a decision until June 01.

I personally think GORDIE HOGG would make an excellent mayor of White Rock, but not if he is in the pocket of developers who are licking their lips just dying to get back in power to lay waste of our community.  Don’t kid yourself folks, the one thing we have going for us is an ocean view.  Without it, we are Aldergrove.

White Rock continues to be at a crossroad with what future development looks like, while Surrey is at a dead end and needs to turn around and start all over again.

David Chesney




Friday April 08, 2022

Order In The Court & Council

The Province has introduced legislative amendments that will give local governments new tools to act when elected officials are charged with or convicted of a criminal offence.

“Local leaders have been asking for new tools to help maintain public confidence in instances where an elected official is charged or convicted of a criminal offence,” said Nathan Cullen, Minister of Municipal Affairs. “While our hope is that mandatory leave and disqualification will not need to be exercised, these amendments will help limit disruption, maintain public confidence and ensure local governments are able to remain focused on serving their communities.”

These legislative changes will provide municipalities and regional districts in B.C. with two separate but related tools for circumstances where a local elected official has been charged with or convicted of a criminal offence. The first amendment makes a change to the existing disqualification rules to ensure that a local elected official is disqualified at the time of conviction for an indictable offence. The second will require an elected official be put on mandatory paid leave when charged with a criminal offence until the criminal process is complete or the charges are resolved.

Treaty First Nations were notified of the proposed amendments as they may be represented on regional district boards. These changes respond to adopted resolutions of the Union of BC Municipalities as well as concerns raised by local governments.

“These changes improve the current legislation by requiring a leave of absence for local elected officials charged with a criminal offence and disqualifying those upon conviction of a criminal offence,” said Laurey-Anne Roodenburg, Union of BC Municipalities president. “Local governments have asked for changes to the legislation, and these amendments strike the right balance between fairness and good governance.”

Along with the new requirements for local elected officials who are charged with or convicted of criminal offences, the amendments revise nine pieces of legislation and will:

  • repeal the Auditor General for Local Government Act, as the office closed in 2021 and it is redundant legislation;

  • clarify local governments’ authority on electronic meetings and subdivision of land that is not agricultural land;

  • update the Vancouver Charter to provide gender-neutral language; and

  • provide the City of Vancouver the same authority all other local governments have to do energy benchmarking.

All amendments are supported by the Union of BC Municipalities and the City of Vancouver where the amendments affect them specifically.


Legislation amendments for local governments

The new amendments, which will better support local governments, will revise nine pieces of legislation. 

Disqualification of elected officials:

  • The Local Government Act, the Community Charter, the Vancouver Charter, the Islands Trust Act and the Cultus Lake Park Act will be amended to require local elected officials who are charged with a criminal offence to take a leave from the date of the charge until the criminal process is complete or the charges are resolved.

  • The legislation will also be amended to change the existing disqualification rules to ensure that a local elected official is disqualified at the time of conviction for an indictable offence rather than at the time of sentencing.

Auditor General for Local Government Act repeal:

  • The Community Charter, Vancouver Charter, Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act and the Public Service Labour Relations Act will be amended to remove reference to the Auditor General for Local Government Office and legislation.

  • The repeal of the Auditor General for Local Government Act reflects the closure of the Auditor General for Local Government Office.

Electronic meetings for local government bodies:

  • Proposed amendments to the Municipalities Enabling and Validating Act (No. 4) will clarify the authority for local government body meetings, such as advisory committees, to be held electronically.

  • The amendments include transparency requirements to ensure that the public can hear, or watch and hear, meetings held electronically

D. Chesney

Publsher/City Councillor for WHITE ROCK



Friday April 01, 2022

Fudge it budget.

Fudge it budget.  A common term often used by individuals when they have not paid one iota of attention to the process and then simply shake their heads at the finished product.

This leads me to White Rock council’s current attempt to create a budget for the operation of the city for the coming year.  A difficult time indeed.  At the conclusion of last year’s budget Councillors JOHANSON and KRISTJANSON asked for major changes in the way the budget was created and presentd.  Their claim was it would be easier for council and the community to understand the process. 

As has been well documented councillor JOHANSON and the head of our financial department seemingly locked horns during the process, with the Director of the Financial Services leaving the employ of the city and councillor JOHANSON launching a suit against the City of White Rock in BC Provincial court. 

FYI the budget is brought forward to council following an extensive study of each department at the city reporting on what amount of monies they will need to fulfill their job’s purpose.  Upon presentation to council the aforementioned two councillors immediately reqeusted information from the previous wayof creating the budget be brought back.  You could have pushed staff over with a feather, but do it they did.  Then when it came back to council, councillor KRISTJANSON asked them to go back to their desks and bring in a budget that showed only a 3% tax increase.  Shocked, stunned, angry disbelief are just a few words to describe the reaction from staff.

So council rolled up our sleeves and began trying to trim the budget from the original numbers proposed from staff.

During this process the entire time of discussion was spent focussed on the residental tax rate.  The amount of time spent on looking to see if we could help the commercial property owners was zero.  That is until I put forth a motion to canvass the commercial property owners on their satisfaction with the huge levy we hit every commercial property owner with in order to fund the Business Improvement Association (BIA). My motion was soukndly defeated 5-1. More on that in the coming weeks.

While standing in line shopping at the Breadbox on Johnston Road the other day owners Mary and Andrew and I were discussing the high cost of doing business in White Rock.  I had not noticed another shopper had arrived and suddenly she chimed in “Yeah where the hell are my tax dollars going, they can’t even fix the potholes on my street for years now.  Plus where did they spend all the money they got from all these new people who have moved into those ugly towers.” 

I love it when this happens.  I politely introudced  myself as one of those layabouts at city hall, and asked her if she realized we were at this very moment creating the operating budget for the city for the upcoming year.  She replied no.  I then infomred her this coming Monday (April 4) she can come down to city hall after 5 p.m. and look council and staff in the eyes and ask any questions about the budget.

I most certainly hope she will attend. 

If she dows that just might push the list of attendees to 4 or 5.

You the residents of White Rock deserve better.  Monday is your opportunity.

David Chesney
Publisher/City Councillor



Thursday March 24, 2022

Radio Radio

Do you still listen to the radio?    I do. 

My mornings start early by some people’s standards and I would be lost without my CBC.  Weekdays STEPHEN QUINN and AMY BELL guide me through the choppy waters of daybreak.  SHERYL MCKAY on CBC with North By Northwest make weekend’s coffee go down smooth. 

The only time I listen to “commercial radio”is when I am driving.  It’s a miracle I have not pulled over and taken a hostage.  The drivel and inane patter radio hosts, especially morning hosts, drives me nuts.

I was raised on radio.  CKNW was The Top Dog.  Morning host FROSTY FORST in his day had the largest listening audience in Canada, not per capita, period.  Radio consultants would fly into Vancouver, book a hotel room and scratch their heads listening to FROSTY.  They could not for the life of them figure out how this home spun folksy morning show could garner such high ratings.  To complicate matters FROSTY avoided the public spotlight like the plague.  CKNW often had billboards and bus boards around town with the pictures of all their announcers, except for FROSTY the only thing he would agree to is a caricature.  In that same era of radio CKNW had the #2 rated radio shaow in Canada, BILL HUGHE’S Roving Mic.  HUGHES @ 8:35 each morning would board a bus full of tourists visiting Vancouver who were heading out for a bus tour of Vancouver and talk about the most basic topics. "OH you're from Australia? My wife and I visited your beautiful country last year" 

I used to go to bed early as a pre-teen so I could listen to CFUN radio with DAVE " Hapyy Pappy " MCCORMICK.  Radio was the onlly place we could “hear the hit - they had the tunes and we were tuneless.”

Radio merrily stumbled along as the soundtrack to our lives.  Then one dayit all changed.  A gentleman by the name of HOWARD STERN shocked the world with his New York radio morning show.  Edgy, contgroversial, were just a couple of words used to describe his style.  Soon radio stations across America and to some extent here in Canada (Q-107) in Toronto quickly started simulcasting the raw edgy talk radio morning show.  You see HOWARD only played DELBERT McC;INTON songs, if ever.

Radio programmers quickly jumped on the bandwagon and told their announcers people wanted to hear more talk and less rock.  The airwaves soon were filled with jackasses woefully unable to create any kind of interesting talk.

And that is where we are today.  Instead of reflecting back our community to us, we are stuck with the radio hosts asking questions like “Have you ever sent an email to the wrong person – Has your child ever said anything that embarassed you in public? – Have you ever had a bad date? “  Well call, text or email me with your stories and I will repeat them on the radio and pretend I actually think they are funny or interesting.”

As previoulsy mentioned for the most part radio had THE HITS, then the old adage “Video Killed The Radio Star” (welcome to MTV/MUCHMUSIC).  

So if you believe that - all I can say is “Internet Killed The Radio Star”

David Chesney

...take us home DOC



February 17, 2022


It was nearly two years ago I stepped off an airplane from Mexico at Vancouver International and walked into the twilight zone.  I encountered people wearing something that resembled hazmat suits, and most people had masks over their faces?  What happening here?  Filming the sequel to Soylent Green?

I had been in rural Mexico for 3 weeks and to be perfectly frank I had not watched TV, listened to a radio (in English) or read a newspaper.  I had not heard the word COVID.  That was the day my life changed.

Once I got back home in White Rock I began to do research to find out what was going on.  Two years later I am still not 100% sure I know what went on.  I quickly fell into lock step and began washing my hands, sanitizing them whenever I had the chance, started wearing a mask in public places, sanitized my hands going in and out of stores.

Then I began to watch the divide that was beginning to take hold on society.  The look in people’s eyes told the story.  There was fear.  We all began to push ourselves away.  Being a habitual hugger I immediately felt the effect of this new world order.

This week Victoria relaxed a number of the Covid restrictions.  Masks and social distancing remain in place.  Daily other provinces in Canada are either dropping those restrictions or considering  dropping the mask mandate in the coming weeks.  I think we all know we could boomerang right back to full restrictions in a heartbeat.

It now comes down to a personal decision.  The recent protests at the truck crossing on the Semiahmoo Peninsula have proven that.  The vast majority of the protestors were not there in support of truckers, which started this  divisive situation we see now.  It almost seems like isolated pockets of anarchy are bringing about change.  Fingers crossed this form of protest does not escalate.  The police have been given sweeping power through the Emergency Measures Act the Trudeau government is invoking.

I wear a beaded bracelet I have been wearing since the start of the pandemic, it simply reminds me daily.
Stay Safe
Be Calm
Be Kind


This too will end.

David Chesney/Publisher



February 11, 2022

" I Love You"


I love you Helen.  For the past number of years whether in person or on the phone, we would more often than not say the words I LOVE YOU.

Monday shortly before we started our 7 p.m.regular council meeting, mayor DARRYL WALKER had the difficult job of informing council our dearly beloved fellow councillor Helen Fathers had passed away.  We all sat there in stone cold silence.  Despite Helen being sick for a number of months it still came as a shock of the finality of  Helen’s passing.

I can’t even remember exactly when I first met Helen, but I am thinking it was some 20 years ago when she first took over managing the White Rock Farmers Market.  The popular Sunday market was on my trap line every Sunday morning so it would not be unusual to see Helen patrolling the grounds saying hello to the vendors and all the visitors to the market.  She continued in that capacity until sickness refelled her some 16 months ago.

When the market relocated to its current location in Miramar Plaza, Helen would sit at the main gate and welcome residents to the Sunday market.  One year the t-shirts the staff wore were emblazoned with “The Heart Of Our Community.”  No kidding and Helen was the heartbeat.  I knew better than to try to talk to Helen on Sundays at the market about anything of consequence.  The steady stream of well wishers made it impossible to even talk to her for a minute or two without constant interruptions of visitors to the market that stopped for a Helen moment.

My first 4 year term on council was very  difficult.  I can honestly say without Helen standing shoulder to shoulder with me I probably would not have made it.  On more than one occasion as my fellow councillors piled on with glee, Helen stepped in like a big mama bear and pulled them off.  This past term has been a joy.  We all settled in very nicely.  With 5 new councillors Helen quickly stepped to the front to offer any help or assistance to all the new members of council.  The respect for her was obvious . Our annual rides in the Sea Festival parade today come to mind. I know a lot of people in White Rock, but riding through town with Helen I felt like Dave who? Helen touched so many people in our community. She leaves a huge hole not only in my heart but in our community. We are all now challenged with taking up the slack.

Family was everything to Helen.

Her loving husband Rob, daughter Ellie and mother Margaret were her riches.  She loved them all so deeply, today I can’t imagine the loss they feel.  

I could prattle on and on and tell  you all the funny stories and good times Helen and I shared.  But I won’t.
All I can say is, what I always said when I said goodbye to Helen, I Love You.

David Chesney



Friday January 21, 2022

Digging In

Mayor Doug McCallum with his hand picked council supporters

Turning the calendar page over to a new year, 2022 takes on special meaning to every elected politician in British Columbia.  This will be the final year of the term of civic elected officials.

The nightmare occurring north of us in Surrey is beyond words.  Mayor DOUG MCCALUM has been in the news for months for all the wrong reasons.  Since the new Surrey council was elected they seem to have been split into three distinct camps.  Mayor MCCALUM’s group which consists of  councillors DOUG ELFORD, LAURIE GUERRA,  MANDEEP NAGRA and ALLISON PATTON.  These councillors are lock step with Mayor MCCALUM and that gives this group the proverbial hammer of votes to approve virtually everything that comes before council.  A breakaway group led by BRENDA LOCKE and JACK HUNDIAL  have formed a vocal opposition to the MCCALUM GROUP.  LOCKE has indicated she will seek the mayor’s chair in October with support from HUNDIAL and RAMONA KAPTYN who will seek a seat on Surrey council in the next election.  The remaining two councillors LINDA ANNIS and STEVEN PETTIGREW seem to be totally independent.  It was thought LINDA ANNIS would join LOCKE and HUNDIAL but that seemed to be based  Seeley on her being the group’s choice for mayor on a slate as it readied itself for the October election.   PETTIGREW continues as a lone wolf with a very vocal approach to Mayor MCCALUM’S style of leadership.  The war of words will only continue to become more intense as we move towards October election time.  There will also be outside forces bound to enter the fray.  First out of the gates are Surrey Liberal MP Sukh Dhaliwal & Surrey MLA Harry Bains are both playing cagey when asked to confirm they will seek the mayor's chair in October

That brings us to White Rock council. 

In the last civic election a group of individuals with a well managed team behind them, swept into power in White Rock with 5 of the 7 votes garnered by DEMOCRACY DIRECT candidates JOHANSON, KRISTJANSON,  MANNING and TREVEYLAN under the leadership of mayoral candidate DARRYL WALKER.  As much as residents in White Rock say they do not support “slates” (a collection of individuals running under the same banner) every time a slate is put forth they end up in power.  Previous elected slates include CITIZENS FOR POSITIVE RENEWAL and THE COALITION which held power for the previous term of council 2014-2018.

DEMOCRACY DIRECT captured the community’s imagination by taking a very strong stance against THE COALITION’S vision of a highrise community in White Rock. 

Councillor Fathers and I both were returned to city hall in 2018.  The fact both of us had just spent 4 years as odd persons out against THE COALITION, we both wondered how the new council which certainly held the power, would be to work with.   It didn’t take long for us to observe DEMOCRACY DIRECT was not voting in a block as THE COALITION had.  DEMOCRACY DIRECT councillors seemed to be all over when it came to voting.  Let me add here Councillor FATHERS and I would in broad strokes review upcoming council meetings in general terms, but neither of us ever said “How are you going to vote?”  I have been surprised on more than one occasion when Councillor FATHERS has cast her vote on an item.  That my friends is democracy in action.

This term has been a difficult one.  Not because of the make up of council, but outside extenuating circumstances kept us on our toes.  The destruction of our world famous pier in December just 2 months into our term rocked city hall as much as it did our community.  Hiring a new Chief Administrator Officer was the next big decision for council.  The CAO is the only employee of the elected council.   Council directs him, and he carries our requests to the various departments of city hall.  This flow of command seems to have been difficult for at least one member of council.  We have also witnessed a large number of staff leaving the employ of city, and virtually every one of them has gone on to another city that is able to pay them more money to do the same job.  I am proud of the staff that we work with at city hall, and I understand given the fact few actually live in White Rock, would be leaving for pastures that greener in more ways than one.

SO here we go, you may not have noticed it yet, but electioneering is always underway with members of council jockeying for October when White Rock and all the other communities in British Columbia make the decision on who will lead them into the next 4 year cycle.

When I am asked if I will run again, I answer in the affirmative.  When pushed for when I will start my election campaign, I simply reply.  It started the day after I was elected for this term.

Thank you it has been an honour to serve you.

David Chesney



Friday January 06, 2022


Did you?

As we went into the holiday season I was bombarded with SHOP LOCAL messages, posters, commercials blah blah blah.  I say blah blah blah because there is nothing original about the messaging, nothing that actually caused me to want more information.

But then again I don’t need to be told to shop local.  I have done it all my life.  The reasoning being is if I don’t support the local businesses they will simply disappear.  Not a week goes by that I don’t end up in a conversation with someone pining for the good old days of Buy Low and Penguin Meats, to name a few.

This year over the holidays we dined at 4 local restaurants, and my Christmas purchases tallied 2 from Blue Frog, a few purchases from the White Rock Museum craft fair,  and 3 from  Jill Martynyk’s Romancing The Home’s pop up store in Semiahmoo Mall.  Does the liquor store count?

Now don’t get me wrong, I am not going to buy anything I don’t really want or need for a gift.  It is the community connectivity that is a beautiful by product of this action.  Have you seen the movie PAY IT FORWARD?  Well we can do it right here.

IT is also important for me  to know my merchant.  How much more of an enjoyable expedience is it at Hillcrest Bakery when “George” is working?  When the weather permits it, I walk as often as I can to get around town.  It not only inadvertently affords me much needed exercise, but it allows me to stop and talk with friends and neighbours.  That is so important to me.  Over the past week I have encountered more than once an elderly customer in a business that is taking an inordinate amount of time to make and pay for their purchase as they use the opportunity to interact and talk with another human being.  If you aren’t careful you miss what is going on and  your blood pressure starts to rise.

White Rock like most cities in the Lower Mainland spends hundreds of thousands of dollars to fund organizations like THE WHITE ROCK BIA and WHITE ROCK TOURISM (handled by Surrey Tourism?) in an attempt to attract shoppers and visitors to our City by the Sea.  It’s effectiveness is suspect in my humble opinion. A very creative promotion a small town Ontario BIA created last year, was to under the cover of late Sunday night, brown paper over all the windows on the shops along main street with GOING OUT OF BUSINESS signs. The next morning the residents of the small town woke up thinking all the businesses had left town. The promotion won an award and it was the wake up call the community needed. Just picture driving along Johnston Road and seeing all the business windows covered up?

IF you need a New Years resolution, may I suggest you crest the doorway of any local business, extend your hand and introduce yourself and have a look around.  I guarantee you will feel better and we will all benefit from YOU shopping local

David Chesney



Thank You Shelagh Boutell for this insoring quote


I think it was Brene Brown who told a story about a village where all the women washed clothes together down by the river. When they all got washing machines, there was a sudden outbreak of depression and no one could figure out why.

It wasn't the washing machines in and of themselves. It was the absence of time spent doing things together. It was the absence of community.

Friends, we’ve gotten so independent.

We’re “fine” we tell ourselves even when in reality we’re depressed, we’re overwhelmed, we’re lonely, and we’re hurting. “We’re fine, we’re just too busy right now” we say when days, weeks, months, and years go by without connecting with friends. I’m fine, I’m fine, I’m fine. It’s so easy to say even when it’s not true.

We’ve become so isolated and it’s hard to know how to get back. It’s so hard to know how to even begin to build the kind of relationships our hearts need. And I think In our current culture, it’s just not as organic as it once was. It's more work now.

Because you know, we have our own washing machines. We don't depend on each other to do laundry, or cook dinner, or raise babies anymore. We don't really depend on each other for much of anything if we're being honest.





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