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November 19, 2017






November 05, 2017
















October 15, 2017

The Masters

August, Georgia is mecca for golfers joun and old. BUt if you are planning a trip you might want to take into consideration some of the quirks about the tournament.


You won't need a ton of cash.


It is the ponly place you will have to lineup to use a phone. Cellphones are banned!


Only four minutes of commercials per hour are allowed during the
broadcast and no blimps are allowed.


There is a house located in the middle of the Augusta National
parking lot because the owners refuse to sell it. The family has
reportedly turned down "millions."


Running is not allowed, unless you are a player.


Grounds crew members used to wear hard hats.



October 01, 2017

Don't you just hate it when this happens.........















September 24, 2017


..they walk amongst us.

Do we really need these signs?









September 17, 201











Sunday September 10, 2017











August 27, 2017

The August 22 eclipse of the sun kicked some people's funny bone into high hgear,


Horse watching the eclipse.


How a drummer watched the eclipse.














August 20, 2017

Parksville Sand Sculptures 2017

Once upon a time in the 80's White Rock was known as The Sandcastle Capital of the World. For reasons that still have never really been fully explained we let it slip away.

Former White Rock resident and owner of Surfside MUsic ROBBIE KEENE who now lives outside of Parksville on Vancouver island, was kind enough to share a collection of photos from this year's month long sand sculpture party.













August 06, 2017

A New York street artist has transformed ugly urban blight into works of art. Come on White Rock artists, let's do this.













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