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Sunday Funnies



May 15, 2921













May 09, 2021
















May 02, 2021











Sunday April 25, 2021

Dads Babysitting PART II













Sunday April 18, 2021

A graphic artist living in Belgium works from home.

His wife leaves their baby girl with him each day as she goes off to work.

A few months ago, he got tired of her texting to check on how he was doing with the baby.

So, he started photoshopping responses to text back to her, and it has become a worldwide Instagram sensation. Here are a few of them.











Sunday March 28, 2021

Would this be great?

IF you could take an old photo of yourself, a new photo and have someoen morph them together like this.

Love It!













Sunday March 21, 2021












Sunday March 14, 2021

Something a little different this week. INstead of SUNDAY FUNNIES let's just call this SUNDAY SUNNIES!

Enjoy these spectacular images take with the sun.










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